Question for the guys only

Something I’ve been wondering about in the male psyche. When a woman has a pretty face and hair, but is packing a few extra pounds, do the guys automatically ignore her?

Thing is, I am quite pretty if I say so myself and have never had the trouble of finding male company, but in the last two years I’ve gained some weight. Just curious for personal reasons :slight_smile:

Not to junior mod, but this sounds more like an IMHO question, since there is no factual answer.

Myself? I’m cool with it. And to me, a woman is worth far more than just her looks. IMHO.

Yes, this is better suited for IMHO than GQ.

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Define “few.”


Also, a few ain’t bad.
If the hooters are included in the overhaul, I’m alright with it.


Alright, thanks for moving and all.

Few, as in, I used to be size small/extra small, now I mostly wear size large t-shirts to try and hide it. (In European measurements, I went from 34/36 to about 40/42).

I’m still not obese in official standards, I think, but I don’t really enjoy looking in a fullbody mirror anymore (I look wide as a truck imo).

There’s no single answer to that, because there’s not one kind of guy.

Some guys automatically ignore brunettes.

Some guys automatically ignore girls over 5’6".

Some guys automatically ignore girls who wear glasses.

Keep looking, Kamrusepas. There’s someone out there who will find you beautiful and perfect.

When that happens, your job is to not ignore him because he’s bald or short or wears funny clothes or drives an old beat-up car or whatever. :slight_smile:

My opinion / answer: No.

Opinion / answer of ‘guys’ in general: Couldn’t say. Too much of a generalization.

For nothing, I’ll add that, as a culture, we (human beings, both sexes) tend to marginalize heavier people these days. This isn’t a constant, nor is it true for everyone.

The important thing to remember is that sexy is a state of mind. If you feel that 100% of your value is in your figure, you might want to rethink how you see your life.

Or hit a gym. :wink:

From “Devil With the Blue Dress”: “Not too skinny, and she’s not too fat.”

Where the “too skinny” and “too fat” lines are drawn are different with different guys. One’s “deliciously curvy” is another’s “too plump for my taste.” I think for most fellows, a few extra pounds is not an issue, but a lot of extra is.

I have noticed that as I get older and wiser (I’m in my 50’s now), my appreciation for the totality of what a woman has to offer has increased, while my “automatic limitations” on what looks appealing have decreased. In other words, younger men may be more picky about what body types they’ll pursue.

Whats that in American sizes?

I don’t think there’s one standard answer, but for each guy who might say, “Yuck! A few extra pounds!” there’s probably another guy who says, “I am sensing a real problem in self-confidence with this girl.” So, one possibility is that it isn’t really the fact there’s a few extra pounds, but sensing that there is some issue behind the few extra pounds.

Different things attract different guys.
I usually had just 2 criteria that would immediately attract me to a girl (if all we’re talking here is appearances).
A nice butt and a cute face. Hair didn’t really matter or even chest size.
But they had to have both.
I’ve seen girls from across the gym with killer bods and then when you get close they have a horse face that just kills it.
Or I’ve seen really cute faced gals working behind the counter at a store but then when they come out from behind the counter they have an extra-extra wide butt that just kills it also.

This is the exact crux of the matter, and you’ll get a different answer from every guy and about every woman.

I go by Southwest Airline’s standards… As long as the arm rests go down and you’re not Kevin Smith, it’s all good.

Ok, that was just a joke… Honestly, I tend to go more on personality. I also think it really depends on how you carry the weight. Are the boobs bigger in proportion to the rest of the body? Pretty face is very important to me though. Hair, not so much.

A few extra pounds is nothing.

Speaking of kinds of guys, what type of guy are you shooting for, Kamrusepas? You say you haven’t found male companions lately but presumably you’re not really looking everywhere are you? There’s individual variation between all people and plenty of guys of any type will just have their own standard of too heavy, but certain types will likely be somewhat similar. Lot’s of men who are really fit will prefer women who are fit, which is kind of logical. But, as an example, successful men who make lots of money may be looking for thin women even if they are heavier, just because they can. So you’re probably not holding out for a surgeon with washboard abs, but maybe you should examine your dating standards?

I think it’s fairly well established that our society favors the young over the old[er], thin over the no-so-thin, tall[er] over the short[er], and even blonde over brunettes.

That doesn’t mean that an 45 year old, not rail thin, brunette, Monica Bellucci won’t turn heads.

But since the OP asked “guys” in general terms----and not for personal, individual preferences-----I’d have to say that from a pure numbers perspective “thin[er]” will garner more attention than not.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t [perhaps lots] of guys who would like a heavier woman, but if you’re simply playing the odds, thin is in. (as superficial as that sounds)


This thread screams for a cite. :wink:

Funnily enough, my own preferred type is blonde, slightly chubby and ideally wearing glasses. I love nerds tbh :smiley: (Oh and to clarify, I never said I haven’t been finding male companions lately. My last encounter was on New Year’s [haven’t been out on a weekend since] when I found a cute, younger and a somewhat skinny dude who was happy to take me home xD).

I’m not asking because I’m looking for serious husband material right at the moment (I’m 23 so in no rush), but simply as a curiosity of everyday life.

Oh and thank you for all your answers, I’m glad to learn of your opinions :slight_smile: