question of curiosity

Is sex really that crusial to guys that they have to be dicks about it?


I don’t know about being a dick, but having one is sure crucial.


Crucial in what way?

Dicks in what way?

I don’t understand the question. Well, I think I understood the bit about sex. And guys. But what behaviour are you questioning?

Clearly, Brainglutton has been fucked over recently. Sorry, dunno what to tell ya, except that the drive to orgasm is about the strongest drive in men.


All guys will react differently in situations involving women and of course sex. Not all men act in the same way, though their behavior is probably driven by the need to procreate. Many men, unfortunately, have found that it is most effective to “be dicks about it” as the OP stated. The problem is not all with the men, however, as many women are most attracted to men that will abuse them mentally, physically, or emotionally. This is not to accuse, but it is true and evident in many relationships. Just look at some of the people you know who are together. Anyway, hopefully this will shed some light on your situation. Always remember that most people have a lot of good in them, and their behavior is often influenced by outside stimuli. Don’t let them get away with it, but understand it. Understanding the situation is the first step in all matters. Good luck out there.

how about putting something in your thread title that gives your felloe dopers an idea of what you are asking, so as not to waste our time, as I am doing with my own right now, responding to your inane question.

I have to agree. Please rethink your question and the forum you want to put it in.

This one’s closed.