Question of the day

Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes:

Who would you do, B. Clinton or G. Bush? :smiley:

Can my answer be “Neither?”

Sure, most of the people asked at work made a face and answered the same way
Next question is who would you do, Obama or McCain?

Can’t we throw a “Biden or Palin” question in there?

Um… Neither again?
Can I do Tina Fey?

Or perhaps Sarah Silverman?

Are you sure? She’ll do the voice, Ibetcha!

Sorry, I have dibs on Sarah Silverman. But you can have the other one.

You’re no fun…why not just answer the question?

OK. My answer is “Yes”

Define ‘do’.


I’m a straight dude. I’d take Palin or Fey. Fey would be my first choice.

If a gun to my head and I had to choose the OP’s options. GW cuz he probably can’t get it up anyway. *

  • whah? What? Wait… who is doing who again?

Actually, I’d go for Bush before Clinton (Clinton seems to me more into getting his jollies than mine, and I’d do Obama before McCain (that’s one scary guy)