Questions About Canned Boiled Peanuts- Why So Much Salt? Why No Sweet Variety?

I finally found canned boiled peanuts here in Philly. I LOVE them. I understand the appeal of a salty snack. But the salt level seems almost excessive. I can buy regular or spicy. Why not sweet? We know that honey and peanuts go great together. I thought of writing an e-mail to the manufacturer and asking these questions. But, I fear that would lead to record spam.

I can understand wanting considerably less salt. But SWEET?!? Bleah!!!

One of the traditional ways to eat boiled peanuts is with Coke or other soda. So, I’m not alone here.

Maybe the salt helps to prevent spoilage?

Not familiar with cracker nuts, A.K.A Japanese peanuts? They can be sweet.

I grew up in south Georgia and I did the “peanuts in my Coke” thing, but I never saw anyone do it with boiled peanuts. What you did was buy one of those little bags of salted roasted peanuts and dump the bag into the bottle.

Boiled peanuts are generally acquired in a paper bag and still have the shells on. To put them into your Coke would require shelling them and sticking the individual peas down the throat of the bottle, a somewhat time-consuming process. I’m not saying nobody ever did that, but I never saw anybody do that.

+1. Never, ever saw boiled peanuts in a drink. (And, personally, I’m an oddball on this, anyway. As much as I like peanuts, boiled, raw, roasted, butter, etc., I’ve never had any interest in putting peanuts in a soft drink.)

I’d completely forgotten about Boston Baked Beans and French burnt peanuts, both candy coated and red.

The difference is that the FBP has spikes and a rustic coating, while the BBB has a smooth shiny outer coating. Boston Baked beans are ‘cold panned’, a process that goes back to France in the 1700s, invented for another ancestor of both the FBP and the BBB, the candy coated Jordan Almond.

From: The Unknown Lineage of the French Burnt Peanut | dannwoellertthefoodetymologist.

I love FBP. I don’t really care for BBB.

And it looks like I misheard/misunderstood about what kind of peanuts go in Coke. I admit my error.