Questions about Dexter - season 2 - spoilers

My husband and I love Dexter, although never saw it on TV, just bought the first and second seasons and starting watching one every night. After the first night, it quickly became 2 every night, and now it’s like "gahhhhhhh - we can’t stop here, let’s watch the next one’. We are up to the episode where he’s just broken up with freaky Lila, after learning she’d been in Rita’s house. My question is, why the hell haven’t hasn’t anyone caught the guy who sconned the gameshop owner with the snow globe (Dark Defender episode), or investigated who bludgeoned the young girl when Dexter set up the stepfather to antagonise Doaks? Are these murders revisited? And in the US is there a third season?

The young girl who was bludgeoned is not re-visited in that season (have not seen third season yet). I seem to recall a scene where Doakes catches the big fat guy who killed the guy with the snow globe but I may be misremembering it - it was not a big deal, if he did.

That’s my memory too. The third season starts Sunday I think. My Tivo knows.

Sorry OP, I know nothing, other than my viewing habits have been like yours’ and I’m completely addicted to the show.

Anyone know if Season 3 will be available on iTunes and/or hulu near-real-time?

FYI, the season 3 opener leaked onto the internet, and can be had by ways that we are forbidden to describe here on this board. It was quite good, some interesting stuff happening to our man Dexter.

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Sorry OP, I know nothing, other than my viewing habits have been like yours’ and I’m completely addicted to the show.

I luuurrrrvvve it. Prison Break seasons 1 & 2 did the same thing to me - dog tired but the moment the credits rolled “What the? We HAVE to watch the next one!” Cliffhanger endings are cruel. I nearly yelled ‘look up’ with the whole cameras in the marina episode. Gah! It’s brilliantly written screen when you get folks cheering for a killer. (Ordinary every day people that is, unlike some who I’ve heard say ‘well, that’s not how I would’ve disposed of the body’, which is, umm, disconcerting). :cool:

I heard that on Oct. 2, if you rent disc 1 of Season 2 of Brotherhood, you can watch the first ep. of Dexter season 3, as it is a bonus feature.

Yeah, the last disc had under special features “Season 3 Preview” but when you click it, it tells you to rent the Brotherhood disc. They did something like this in the first season, where the last disc had an episode of Brotherhood (which I did not care for).

I just watched seasons 1 and 2 over the last couple of weeks as well, and yesterday I called and added Showtime so I can watch season 3. I figure if the season airs over 12 consecutive weeks, I can drop Showtime again in 3 months, and it will cost me the same as buying the season 3 DVD a year from now.

DellieM, season 3 starts this Sunday, 9/28, at 9:00.

Yes - in the US - I’ll have to check our cable tv provider to see if it’s listed for Australia. Thanks!