Dexter 12.2 (Open Spoilers and stuff)

Whoa! Did we see Harry’s story coming back to wrap itself around Dexter? I guess we saw glimpses of this back in the episode where Harry called Dexter a ‘Monster’ but this twist is something really new. And scary.

It looks like Lila is even worse than we thought - well, some of us thought her pretty bad but she’s exceeding our expectations. First instance, I thought she was going to drug Batista and set the place on fire. I think she make make the final showdown at the cabin a positive twist for Dexter that for all his planning he doesn’t see coming.

Only 2 more weeks?!? :eek:

So…is Lila going to find Doakes and…kill him? That would wrap Dex’s problems up nicely. Deb and Lundy were interesting tonight too. She keeps reminding us of her daddy isues, and they are soooo different from Dexter’s daddy issues. Dexter’s rationalizations over why he’s more worthy of life than Doaks was chilling. Not that I could bring myself to disagree with any of it.

Finding out that Harry killed himself, over Dex, was a great twist. I’m excited to see where this goes. Great episode, and this has been a great season.

Dexter’s just now remembering Harry’s reaction to his first kill? Block much? Poor guy.

What did you guys see that puts Lila at the cabin? Something in the previews? I missed them.

Did Dexter use a Doakes alias to rent a car and transport the drug dealer?

I assume Dexter used Doakes’ alias to rent the car…that was my first thought, though DeathLlama didn’t see how that could happen without anyone noticing.

Previews showed Lila sneaking a peek at the GPS in Dexter’s car, then having it guide her to previous locations. Our immediate thought is…WTH would a meticulous serial killer have GPS for?? Good gravy, sure would make him easy to trace (as Lila shows). Perhaps it’s the rental car, not his minivan, but seriously.

We’re not convinced Harry killed himself; perhaps someone wanted him dead, and the suicide is a cover-up. Seems out of character. But yeah–stumbling in on the butcher scene probably wasn’t good for Daddy.

Lila…oof. I’m tired of her and her storyline. Go away. But obviously, it’s much the opposite–we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in these last ttwo episodes, apparently. Boooooooooooooo.

That was the car he bought for Rita, I think he went all out on the trim package for her.

Having Doakes there for a kill was an excellent decision, I thought - it made him into a new POV character for the audience, and the effect was powerful. I mean, we’re used to seeing Dexter do screwed-up things to people by now, but it’s interesting to see someone “new” react viscerally to it and remind us that, yes, Dexter really is a very bad man doing very bad things.

Someone did notice – one of the cops mentioned offhand that Doakes’s alias had shown up at a car rental place.

That wasn’t Dexter’s first kill. Dexter’s first kill was the nurse who was poisoning Harry. The nurse whom Harry ordered Dexter to kill.

Leaving aside that Harry’s killing himself doesn’t really make a lot of sense what with his custom ordering Dexter’s first kill and all, this as far as I’m concerned proves that Harry was a total coward and a complete douchebag. He’d seen the aftermath of brutal murders before and he’d seen Dexter cutting into animals. What exactly did he think Dexter was going to do with the people who Harry gave him permission to kill? And even if it didn’t occur to him that Dexter was going to be as…thorough…as he was, to off himself after? I hope his dying thought was “maybe I should’ve at least tried to get the kid some help.”

I was really :dubious: about Harry’s reaction to seeing Dexter’s kill- it didn’t seem to fit as far as I don’t know what he thought Dexter would be doing with his “coaching”. The only other explanations are that either he found that he was mistaken about the man Dexter killed or he felt that Dexter killing someone so connected with him (as someone he was angry about getting off) put the family and Dexter in danger. Or maybe he just thought Dexter would humanely kill the guy and not bother to chop him up and stuff?. So many questions…

One question- did Harry know who Dexter’s father was? Although we know it was someone else, is there a chance that he thought Dexter was his son all along?

Lila… can’t wait till she gets chopped to bits. Dexter will probably figure out that the first fire with a fatality connected was purposeful, she’ll threaten Rita again or kill Doakes at the cabin. Then go! go! power tools.

Dexter and Doakes were both played fantastically in this episode (as actors). The first interchange between them, when Doakes is sedated and then again after Dexter’s kill showed the power shifting to Doakes when he had information about Dexter’s father and then again when he showed his disgust at what Dexter has done.

I thought that the mutilation was what disturbed Harry, not the killing per se.

That and the realization that ‘I did right to train you’ might not have been so ‘right’ after all.

Am I the only one who has issues with Dexter’s fingerprints all over the cabin? If they find Doakes alive all he has to do is say the Dexter was there and they’ll find the prints all over the place, Dexter better have a hulluva good reason to have been there.

Dexter could easily counter that Doakes took him there - but after a struggle, Dex was able to escape (he left Doakes in the cage) - but by the time he got back Doakes had escaped.

Would also be a neat explanation for the wound…

Then he’d have to do that NOW, and claim it happened right after he removed the security detail. If it happened earlier they’ll want to know why he didn’t report it.

It makes sense for Lila to find Doakes, at which point he tell hers that Dexter is the BHB, which he thinks will get her to free him. Instead, she sees it as the perfect information to control Dexter with, if Doakes “goes away”.

Except I don’t see how this reconciles with the preview footage of Doakes seeming to be getting out on his own by basically geting better leverage within the cage. That in itself doen’t really ring true to me either – it seems to me he would have already tried to get in a position to use his legs and entire body to push against a weak point.

It might already be too late for that. I imagine a trained eye could tell the difference between a fresh wound and one just a day or so old. But I could be wrong about this.

That’s what put a real tragedy to this episode. In only a few minutes we saw where Harry realized the depth of his actions. It was cowardly of him to kill himself if he did indeed do it. I wonder if there are not other forces at work here since Harry was porking a drug dealer, adopting a murder victim’s kid and aggressively busting criminals. Harry had enemies. And, from the paranoid’s viewpoint, the Captain says Harry’s death was suicide and we know he’s a first class weasel.

Plus, Dexter’s bio-dad was alive at the time of Dex’s mom’s death.

Yeah, I thought about that, I just didn’t have a good way around it. The only think I can think of is that he shows it to them and tells them it’s just a graze and not to worry about it and they take his word for it and move on. Or, maybe he re-opens it. :eek:

I don’t think Dexter’s plans involve the authorities finding the cabin. I think it’s on the block for a major cleaning or a major burning.

Of course, Dexter’s plans haven’t been working out too well lately…

Why do you think that? Dexter put Doakes’ prints on the “killing tools” and dropped them into the lake in a spot where he KNOWS they’ll be found within a week (Saturday to be specific). I was under the impression that that was the dock right near the cabin.

I suppose he could dispose of Doakes however he feels fit, and just let the autorites make what they will from the tools though. I dunno, I see the Feds finding Doakes in the cabin and his prints on the tools.