Dexter Season 4 open spoilers for aired episodes [changed title]

Big cliffhanger ending. I can see Lundy not making it since he saw Trinity. But no way does Debra die. It seems like they planted the seeds that Dexter might kill his wife or at least leave her. I would be shocked if he killed the whole family.

I think it’s safe to say that Dexter won’t be killing his whole family. Did you watch the scenes from next week? I never want to discuss without asking if other folks watch those.
Yeah, I think we all saw that coming with Lundy but it was still gold-plated awful. I hope they don’t drag out the Anton storyline and make him a suspect in the shooting.

Yes, I saw the scenes from next week. Debra is still alive at the hospital but no mention of Lundy.

I wasn’t impressed with this episode. It’s starting to jump the shark.

But, I agree that Lundy is gone, and Deb will live. Brother and Sister will find and kill Trinity.

I figured the bad cop would be around for a while, she only lasted 1 show. They can’t kill Trinity next week though since the season is only half over. Unless they have some other plot for the 2nd half of the season.

Okay, scenes from next week. Not only did Rita find out that Dexter kept his place, she was sitting right by his big ole “I’m a serial killer” trunk. Many things can be explained away but the trunk with the kill tools? Seems like it might have a secret compartment though…

It seems wise of Trinity to off Lundy but it also seems like a cagey ole serial killer would hit the bricks after doing so. I’m glad he just killed Lundy and didn’t make him the bludgeoning victim in the cycle. Do y’all figure that we’ll know the next cycle victim?

I don’t see Trinity as a guy who would kill like that - he wants to be up close when he kills people, maybe it was Anton. But maybe Trinity just got nervous and shot them.

I got just the opposite from that scene. What the cop said made Dexter realize that he really does love his family. The look on his face was revelatory, to him – he’s relieved that he has no desire to do what the cop did. I think it’s been something he was worried about, deep down where he doesn’t want to look.

Trinity did not shoot Lundy and Deb - unless he’s also the Vacation Killer - there simply wasnt sufficient time for him (Trinity) to set that up. (Find Lundy, etc - )

Besides, Lundy was dead the minute Deb told him she loved him.

I also agree that now, more than ever, Dex has no desire to kill off his family - that was a real good light bulb for him. Of course, if Rita threatens his existence, he may miss them a whole bunch.

My bet on what Rita thinks the box is for -

BDSM supplies…

This, absolutely this. He actually said that he’d rather be outed than lose his family, that’s pretty damned profound for Dex.

Oh lord, please please let this be true.

Remember when Dexter discovered that Rita had been married once before Paul? I wonder when/if he’ll ever play that card.

Yeah, I don’t know how you could get the thought that Dexter was tempted by what the evil cop-lady said. He had a real honest to god EMOTIONAL reaction. He MISSED his family. He even said he’d rather they find ou the truth than ever physically hurt them.

Yeah, we knew Lundy would get it. I didn’t expect the shooting though. And it does seem pretty clear that it was the vacation killer(s). …truth be told… I actually thought it was Anton who shot Deborah… then I realized that would have been dumb.

When people say “We all saw that coming” usually I did not - that was true for Lundy being shot. Guess I am not any good at guessing plots.

I think people guessed this because there were spoilers about a “main” character dying this season. To assume it was Lundy wasn’t a hard choice really.

What do you people think about the Trinity killer getting the beatdown he instigated outside the bar? Part of his sick ritual?

I never heard about a main character dying. I would have predicted one of the other cops like Battista or Quinn or LaGuerta.

My read on this is that he’s killing off his family over and over again: sister first, then mother, then father. I assume the father had a drinking problem and beat him as a child, so he had to recreate that for the killing to feel real.

I think it’s something similar to this theory and what someone wrote in last week’s thread.

I think he’s doing all the killings because of a stepfather that raped and killed the daughter in the bathtub. Mother killed herself finding out what happened and he bludgeoned his stepfather to death.

Just wondering how they’re gonna catch trinity with Lundy dead. I dont think it would be hard for Deb will get the tape recording but how long will she be out of commission with the shooting? This season is great so far and let me just say how awesomely creeped out I am just when Lithgow is on the screen.

I think deb and lundy got shot by Trinity but he’s making look like the vacation murders. The comment saying Trinity didn’t have “enough” time to get to lundy doesn’t fly with me. He’s a serial killer and he’ll do what he needs to do. I hope I’m wrong and get some great twist but I really think it’s trinity behind the lundy and deb shooting. Anton can’t be a suspect that would be lame, he’s not a killing type.

I missed the first half of the episode. Was there an explanation for why Trinity would bump into Lundy on purpose, and draw attention to himself? Does he want to be stopped?

Was the big key ring what made Lundy think something was odd about Trinity? Don’t think many people carry that many keys around.

If Lundy is dead, did he tell Deb the description of who he believes to be the Trinity Killer? (He was speaking into a voice recorder, so perhaps she or Dexter will find it and figure out who it is.)

not sure about the key ring thing but the abandoned building thing. The site where lundy went was supposed to be a vacant 12 storey building. I think the bottom floor had some sort of gym there, not many old guys go to gyms.