Dexter Finale (12/16/07) [open spoilers]

Wow. Wow.

Great finale. I just knew Lila was going to get it in Paris. The post card was genius.

How did he find her in Paris? I know we’re just supposed to roll with it, but I did wonder.

I guess Deb and Lundy are over? Too bad. He was just not that into her, IMO.

This felt more like a series finale than a season finale.

I agree with that last point. I thought there would be some kind of cliffhanger, but they wrapped up everything. Maybe it was a late surprise they got extended another season.

All I can figure about Paris is that Lila traveled under her real name and passport, which made her traceable. I would like to know what he did with her body – how he could arrange for a dissection room, etc. He zipped her into a bag, so presumably he was going to take her someplace.

The cliffhanger was “new code, new signature, new methods, etc…”

I thought it was well wrapped up - my only question is what became of the toolset that Lila had? I’m going to assume that Dex didn’t dismember her, just disposed of her…

Can’t wait to see what they pull in season 3… seems they opened it up - now Dex can travel overseas and shit… perhaps he’ll find Mr Laden for us.

That worries me. It seems like the next line should be …Coming in April…Saw V.

I want this to stay psychlogical, I’m not watching it for the cutting, I’m watching it for the content.
It reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. Most people will tell you that SOTL is one of the scariest movies they’ve seen, yet, when pressed they’ll tell you that there was very little violence/gore. When these same people saw the sequel they said it was just as scary, but also commented on the amount of violence and gore. I knew right away it wouldn’t be as good. The original was scary in a psycholgical way, but the sequal left out the substance and based itself on the violence. It wasn’t as good becuase of that. Or course in a society where a new horror movie comes out every month…well I just hope that isn’t where this is going.
Anyways, back to the episode. Finding Lila doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult, but I didn’t find it odd that Dexter not only knew that the GPS would be in one of the boxes (how could he), but that he found it that quickly. That bugged me.

As for Lila’s body, I just assumed he would leave it where he found it, though I suppose he could just toss it some where on his way out of town. He’s good at that.

I liked it a lot. I felt bad for Doakes and LaGuerta. How awful to be remembered by people you love as a serial killer!

Dexter following Lila surprised me. I thought he was going to let her go. Duh me.

There were some very emotional moments – Deb and Lundy, LaGuerta, and even Dex and Lila at the end. And funny – especially Masaka (sp?) with his screenplay. :smiley:

Can I cancel Showtime now?

I have a feeling that LaGuerta will be causing some problems next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if she keeps digging at this. She implied that she would let it go, but since she’s already exonerated him in her head, she may keep doing it outloud as well. If she pushes for appeals or to reopen the case or whatever you do in a matter like this, it may make trouble for Dexter, especially if somehow, somewhere, someway Dexter get’s linked in with it. I’m sure she’ll really go at it if another body shows up.

But hopefully that will be the way they go. He could apply a couple of the lessons that he’s learned from almost getting caught twice. Maybe start storing a little extra trophy blood for needed frame ups. Find a more complete way to destroy the bodies. To be honest, it’s not much of a cliff hanger. If he kept up the exact same methods and his body stash got found again, I think some people might revisit the whole “was it really Doakes?” thing.

But that all said, it ends with him unpacking a new slide box. I guess he plans on keeping some tradition. Maybe as suggested above, he’ll try road trips. I get the impression that to Dexter, being the “Master” now means still being a perfectionist but not playing it by rote. Again, fingers crossed that this means new target acquisition/stalking/capture methods rather than slashy slashy. Can’t see why they’d mess with the formula too much.

Yeah, that trophy box… how the hell did Doakes find that but miss the footlocker of murder tools?

I wondered that as well. Who, when searching a house, pops the AC cover off as one of the first things they do? BTW, I don’t think that would be a good place for the box. The spot that he keeps it in, it would be sitting in the condensation pan and getting dripped on by the evap coils.

oh wow, it wasn’t until last night that the finale aired? I watched the entire season over a couple days last week, including the last couple of episodes which I heard leaked early…didn’t realize it was THAT early though.

Season 2 took a while to get going, but when it did, it really did. I loved all of the scenes between Dexter and Dokes in the cabin.

One thing that always pisses me off when it happens in action-based movies and tv shows, and this is no exception, is at the very end when somebody thinks they’re safe, and then their enemy is waiting for them in their hotel room or home, with no explanation as to how they were found. I think Veronica Mars was the last show that did this. I mean, we all know Dexter was going to take Lila out, but just how did he find her there?

The biggest lesson learned from season 2 - don’t bury everybody in the same place! Infact, one thing he should have learned from Lila is always incinerate your victims!

what? he places it in the top area - well away from any drip pan - also, I always assumed that that AC unit didn’t work - I even seem to remember someone tinkering with it one time that got Dex a little nervous… (sometime in Season 1).

Doakes found it by looking for ‘hiding places’ - he’s been a detective for enough years he knows where to look - and he only needed ‘one’ thing to get the ball rolling in the right direction - so he found his one thing and left.

Didn’t Dex move his Big Box O’ Murder shortly after Deb moved in?

Don’t remember, but Deb was already gone (I think) when Doakes searched Dexter’s place.

And a few days after Doakes went into the cage, the footlocker was pretty much in plain sight.

Anybody have any guesses how much time passed between Doakes finding the slides, and Dexter catching him? I was thinking 2-3 days, and then another 2-3 days that Doakes was in the cage before Lila fried him.

Completely agree. In fact, I suspect that’s what it was originally intended to be, especially given the airing of footage used in the intro for the past two seasons as footage within this episode. The cutting and frying of food. Putting on the tee-shirt. Walking along the corridor outside the apartment/hotel.

Yeah, I kind of did a double-take when I saw that, and wondered if they were doing some strange referential, er, tribute, or something. But no, I think you’re right, they were simply using footage from this episode in the opening.

Or, they were just using footage from their opening in this episode…

I thought maybe they had to edit something out and couldn’t replace it due to the writer’s strike. That sequence was really awkward, IMO.

I thought Dexter’s (spoken) thought processes posed a really nice representation of the sociopathic mind. Most of us would think, Hey, I’m free and clear, I can make a new start and have a “normal” life, just like I’ve been thinking I want to all this time. But no. Dexter thinks, “I must be free and clear BECAUSE I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to all along, so I shall continue”.

Lila was a very good depiction of what we in the bidnez call a Borderline Personality Disorder. Dexter was wrong that they are the same; her motivations are completely different.

Just out of curiosity, could you elaborate on this a bit? How are their motivations different?

A few weeks ago, he dropped a body in the ocean in the path of the Gulf Stream, so that it would be carried far from Miami. So it seems he’s got a better dumping ground.

Well, Dexter reports a deep-seated need to kill almost compulsive in its urgency and without regard to any particular outcome. It is especially NOT based on his relationship with the victim. In contrast, Lila kills (& commits various and sundry other crimes) solely in the context of relationship, to achieve a relationship-based end (to include revenge). Dexter’s killing isn’t personal. Lila’s isn’t anything but.