Dexter Finale (12/16/07) [open spoilers]

I interpreted the credits scenes as “Dexter’s back where he started”.

It’s always puzzled me that we see him shaving in the opening credits, but he still looks like he needs to shave. And what kind of orange is that? We don’t have those in Iowa.

It’s a blood orange, naturally!

It’s a blood orange. Not something you’d typically juice - I think it’s for effect.

And yeah, he definitely needs to change that blade - ouch!

And on preview:** Snooopy **beats me to it!

Ooo… good one!

perhaps it is one of those nifty “leave manly stubble” razors. i figured he had sensitive skin and couldn’t have a close shave but didn’t want a beard.

*(**Dewey **kinda beat me to it, but…) * Don’t forget that when he killed that huge gang member, he dropped the body bags out in the Gulf Stream, with a comment that they’d be heading toward England. So he still has the ocean dump, but less chance treasure hunters will stumble upon them.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to go visit. There was one episode where he was anchored in his boat, having a beer, and you could see the body dump shelf and some “bags” on the sonar. I think serial killers like to visit the bodies sometimes.

In short, Lila needs attention…Dexter doesn’t.

Nice summary**, Joey P** :slight_smile:

The footage was different. Or at least the angles were different. And IIRC the frying meat was of a different type. I agree, the interp I took from it (after being mildly confused by the busting out of the theme song in the middle of the ep) was “back to the status quo.”

I took it that he was reveling in being able to do the things he thought he would miss doing - those things that ‘normal’ people do. (excpet working out, he could still do that in prison)

There were some additional shots put in, maybe previously cut, but some of the shots were identical to the opening including the stroll down the walkway and the donning of the tee-shirt.

The shots were the same type but the angles were different.

Hmm, I think I have forgotten something, or missed it. Didn’t the big gang member get away? Did I miss Dexter catching up with him again and dumping him? Do you or Dewey remember which episode that was?

yeah - the big gang member (Little Chino) got away the first time, but was not so lucky the second time - I think it was covered in the second episode.

He got away, but Dex got him in the next episode I believe. Dex made sure he used enough duct tape that time.

And he got some special gear for tranqiulising alligators.

Would someone please explain/opine re next season’s New Code vs. the Old Code?

New Rules:

  1. Dump victims in Gulf Stream.
  2. Fewer Harry quotes.
  3. No more sibling murders

That is all.

Bumped to get more opinions on his new code for next year.

Sorry that I’m late to the party… my OnDemand didn’t offer episode 21 right away so I had to hold off and then get caught up.

I know I’m late to the party, but I just watched the finale. One thing that bothers me, although not related to the finale exclusively, is that Dexter would keep the destination on his GPS.