Questions about dog sexuality

Two unrelated questions:

  1. I’ve noticed male dogs often seem to become somewhat aroused when they sit on their haunches… why? I can’t really say if maybe bitches also do, because it’s not quite as (typically the case is) awkwardly obvious.

  2. I once lived somewhere where there was an old cross Alsation/husky or something, quite a large dog, and she had been spayed most of her life. Towards the end, she’d sometimes try to hump the other (female) dog, which was presumably some sort of dominance thing. My question is, how did she know how to hump? Is it common knowledge to dogs of both sexes? Do bitches hump people’s legs too?

Hell yes. I speak from lots of experience being humped by bitches who found my mesmerizing odour irresistible!

Often when my male dog sits on his haunches, the tip of his penis protrudes. Is this the kind of thing you’re thinking of? I don’t think it’s arousal, but rather that this posture pushes the penis forward in its sheath so that the tip sticks out. He doesn’t show any other evidence of arousal or sexual interest when this happens.

I notice that it’s more common while he’s being walked or after we come in from a walk. Perhaps the activity (or the excitement of smelling things, or the effort of urinating/defecating) causes him to tumesce a bit. It’s also possible that he’s a bit wet there from urinating and that makes it easier for the tip of the penis to slip out of the sheath.

Apparently so. A few weeks ago, my brother and I both managed to visit our dad over the same weekend. Saturday night, he and I visited a high school friend of his. The friend and his girlfriend had very recently adopted a nine-month-old female dog. It was a private adoption through the classified ads or something, so she’d never been to a shelter and hadn’t been spayed. Of course they intend to spay her, but she’d gone into her first heat before they could take her to the vet. Consequently, anyone who sat with their legs stretched out was at risk of being humped. She was particularly amorous towards her owners, though she nearly had a go at my brother.

This question cracked me up. Do you imagine male dogs are given instructions while females are not? The only way either gender of dog “knows” how to hump is via instinct. There are no sex ed. classes for dogs.

Having said that, once a male dog breeds a female, usually a light bulb goes off and they hump with a purpose from then on.

Our dog was spayed before she ever had a heat. You ought to see her hump her favourite teddy bear. It’s obscene–and frequent.

We just call it “humpy bear” now.

My little dog (Shitzu-Lhasa mix–which in my mind are the best lapdog type dogs ever!) loves to hump. She humps arms though b/c of her size.

She was spayed at the earliest point she could be spayed b/c the previous family dog of the same mix had ended up having enormous non cancerous uterine tumors that made her very ill until they were discovered and removed.

I don’t allow the present dog (Monkey is her name and THAT’S a story) to hump arms. My parents (her original owners) just laughed it off but ick, no.

The previous dog (Sugars) did have a bear that she humped away at. We would always just jokingly ask her, “Please dear, just take it in the other room. That’s a private thing.”

My 7yr old female aussie dog who was spayed at 6mo humps. When she was a pup you couldn’t sit on the couch with your legs crossed because she’d hump your foot. She outgrew that. Later she got a stuffed snowman. She’d put the snowman up on the couch in chewing range, and hump away. The snowman went to the great toybasket in the sky.
Then last fall we got a (already spayed) kitten. We already had a cat when we got the dog, so she’s used to cats. But the new cat is. . . special to her.
My female dog is obsessed with humping my female cat. We’ve got trans-species lesbian loving going on.
The cat is not so happy about this. Especially since she’s 9lbs and the dog is 45lbs. d

So yeah, spayed female dogs hump, too.

Humping, or mounting, when done by females or by males to a creature not a bitch in heat, is a dominance thing, and if you want a peaceful civilized house, it should not be allowed.

Remember, a bitch’s vulva is in the back. There’s no way she’s deriving physical masturbatory pleasure from humping something below her. She’s doing it to try to increase her standing in the pack - over you if she can, and over a stuffed animal if she can’t. While there’s not an immediate danger to her assuming dominance over a stuffed animal, most dogs who try it aren’t willing to let it rest there - they’ll try for dominance over the humans eventually. This might manifest as mounting people or legs/arms, or it might manifest in bites or pushing people over. Better, IMHO, to discourage ANY sort of dominance display in a pet, even the cute widdle purse toys.