Questions about penis reduction surgery

I’ve been thinking about getting this lately. What are the percentages of a positive outcome for this surgery?

In other words, do many lots of men have any problems after they get this done? If so, what are the numbers?

Can they go back to a regular sex life with relatively few problems?

How long will I be out of commision?

In other words, do many* lots of men have any problems after they get this done?

I can honestly say I have never heard of anyone wanting to have their penis reduced in size.

Your best advise would come from the doctor with whom you want the surgery performed. I presume the timeline for healing and resumption of sexual health would be similar to those who have reconstructive penile surgery due to injury.

Penis surgery is one of the classical examples of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So long as it’s possible to get an erection that can be used, it’s not advised, because the cure can in the long run be worse than whatever it is you’d like to fix.

Imagine my shock to find there is such a thing as penis reduction surgery. :eek: I’ve never heard of this before.

If you don’t mind my asking, why are you considering such a drastic mutil…um, I mean alteration?

Well, all my life I’ve had trouble having sex with women. There has only been one woman that can…uh…“handle” my length and girth.

As you guys know, there isn’t much info about this procedure on the net, probably for the very reason you stated, not many people have this procedure done. Frankly I’m tired of it and having a large member isn’t cracked up to what most people think it would be.

I am not gay, but got a pic?

Yes, but it had to be taken in aerial view.


No, really… do you have a pic?

It seems to me that telling guy that he’s just too massive to handle might be a full-proof way for a girl to dump him. Who’s going to argue that isn’t really that big?

And wouldn’t you know it, the pic is already on the 'net.

Personally, I just tied a knot in mine so I’d quit stepping on it.

Okay, how large is large? I need some stats, man.

Clearly you have to move beyond KY jelly and employ axle grease.

Elevator cable lube works better. Word.

An honest reconstructional urologist will tell you that he may not be able to make you better, but he sure can make you different.

Google “reduction phalloplasty” or “megalophallus” if you’re serious about finding a practitioner of this art.

Isn’t Megalophallus a Triassic period dinosour? I hear they found his bone in Wyoming… and Colorado.

I’ll take surgery that never get preformed for $100 Alex.

I have the same problem. I found that there was just one way to get my dick six inches long. I had to fold it in half.

Hope this helps.