Questions about The 4400

I’m with you. Richard and Lily and little Isabelle were so nice together. I like Shawn too, even though the guy playing him is a bad actor.

Spoilers for tonight’s show

The thing that bothers me about Isabelle is:

[SPOILER] Why did the good guys of the future abduct Richard and Lily in the first place if Isabelle’s conception wasn’t part of the original plan? The only thing Lily did was have her, and her only gift was being able to communicate with Isabelle before she could speak. Well she did come up with the healing program, but anyone could have done that.

Oh, and I’m annoyed that Matthew was the one to die. I didn’t want to see Richard’s character go, but I was hoping for something bigger to happen tonight.[/SPOILER]

I forgot what happened in the last five minutes, can someone remind me?

After Tom tells Isabelle that the people from the future want her dead and they call it a draw when he refuses to kill her, when she calls his bluff. She then goes to see Ryland-the ex-head of NTAC

Hmm. I’d decided prior to last night’s episode

that the people who borrowed the 4400 are not the ones responsible for Isabelle’s conception. Instead the enemies from the future that were more powerful than Alice Krige imagined created her as a counter move to what Alice and co were trying to accomplish. The fact that Lilly and Richard are not especially powerful is incidental, given they’ve said a number of times that not all 4400 show gifts “yet.” Richard’s just might not have manifested itself yet.

nothing about the episode leads away from that conclusion, imho.

The way I looked at Lilly and Richard was that Lilly was to Richard as Alahna is to Tom. Lilly was there to give him a place to go, to keep him around.

Did Alahna do what I thought she was going to do?

Yea, I figured that Isabelle wasn’t part of the plan when Alice put a hit out on her, so to speak. I was just bothered because Lily didn’t accomplish anything but giving birth to Isabelle. **RandMcNally’s ** idea that she was sent back for Richard makes the most sense though. Especially since Lily looked just like her grandmother, so it’s like he got his old girlfriend back in a time that is more more accepting of their relationship.

When exactly did Matthew explicitly tell Isabelle that her role was to destroy the 4400?

The first episode of the season after she tried to kill herself.

I’ve just gotten into the show this season. Hoo wee. This is some great stuff. I definitely agree with elfkin477 about Isabelle. And with the rest of you guys about how creepy she is. Something just ain’t right in her head, and I suspect it’s because she grew up instantly. She didn’t go through the normal childhood and so she hasn’t learned all the things about right and wrong that everyone else learns.

I suspect, given the comment Ira Steven Behr (yes, there are a lot of Star Trek people working on this show: Behr, Alice Krige, Jeffrey Combs, René Echevarria) made about Jordan Collier and his initials being important, that this will come down to a Christ vs. Antichrist battle between Jordan and Isabelle.

I do hope it’s somewhat more than that, though, and the stuff with Tom seems to suggest it will. Besides, that apocalypse stuff is so last millenium.

I could have sworn Jordan was evil. I mean, they made him seem that way. I guess maybe he’s evil, but not as evil as Isabelle.

Yea, I don’t think it’s going to be a clear cut case of good vs. evil, because something was definitely off about Jordan. Also, he went through a lot of trouble to track down Isabelle and make sure she and her parents lived at the compound.

About Isabelle’s creepiness (don’t read if you plan to watch the season you missed:

[spoiler]It’s not just the fact that she grew up too soon. Isabelle killed three people that were chasing her family when she was a toddler. That’s when her parents realized that she might be kind of evil. There was also a time when it looked like Isabelle was making her older* half sister sick, but I can’t remember if she was responsible or not.

*Now she’s her younger sister, since Lily’s other daughter should be about 14 now.[/spoiler]

That’s a rather major plot point; I can’t believe I missed that.

In other matters, how did Alanna cause the drunk-driver to get into a car accident? I don’t see how her power would be conducive to that.

I don’t think Alanna’s powers had anything to do with it. I think she simply made the guy fall off the wagon by bringing up the accident. He went on a drinking bender and got behind the wheel, probably a little bent on killing himself. That was my take on it anyway.

As for Matthew telling Isabelle her job was…

…to destroy the 4400? I didn’t see that in the first episode either. He just said she was important. What we got this week was meant to be a reveal of the things they talked about that day.

However, while he told her that, we didn’t get to hear what he said until she killed him.