The 4400 7/23 (open spoilers)

no spoilers in op

Okay, Sean needs to pay a visit to his uncle, because Isabelle really needs to go. I have a feeling she’s going to start taking people to the brink of death (the way she did to Matthew the first time) then bringing them back just to prove a point.

This episode wasn’t all that great imo. Now we know that Tom has father issues (like everyone else on tv), but that doesn’t do much towards advancing the story.

I’m glad that Diana broke up with Marco: I always felt like she was dating him out of a kind of boredom, and because he’s sweet, instead of dating him because she really wanted to. Marco deserves better. And I never sensed any chemistry between those two actors – I never bought that relationship.

Sean was crazy to try his mojo on Isabelle. He knows what she’s capable of, what made him think that he would be stronger than her? I didn’t get that he was trying to kill her, though, I thought he was trying to “cure” her and take away the mission she claims to need him so much for.

It’s been a while since I saw Brian Dennehy and when Tom first met him on the street I did a mental double take. Fun to see him. He still projects power and is aging well.

I think we’re seeing the mid season slump, as they’re gearing up for the finale. The soap opera-ish elements are not a lot of fun and Isabel is really annoying, mostly because the actor is not good enough to convey that Isabel is really dangerous. The petulant child thing is not creepy, when I never get the feeling that she is all that powerful.

I found it interesting that it turned out that the “blink” dealer was trying to use a 4400 ability to help people with their personal issues; we were at first, no doubt, supposed to assume he was a Nova Group-style terrorist. But as with many good intentions…

I also thought Shawn was trying to “cure” Isabelle rather than kill her; I didn’t think he had yet reached the point where he would see this as the only solution to the problem.

I’m finding the season seriously lacking in quality. The first season was excellent. Now, I just want to slap Isabelle. I want to go back to the individual 4400 stories, and how each one’s ability led to “ripples.”

I also thought Shawn was trying to cure Isabelle.