The 4400 6/18 (possible open spoilers)

Interesting episode. What appeared to be Tom executing the angrymaker at the beginning had me going. I suspect this shapeshifting 4400 isn’t through making mischief.

The progression of the Shawn/Isabelle relationship from friend/mentor to lover is going a bit too quickly for me. I supposed they’re trying to avoid the cliche of dragging out unresolved sexual tension forever, but it seems more imprudent than Shawn has been lately.

Best line: Diana’s “Do I really run like that?”

I knew Alana would figure it out, but I thought she’d disarm the doppelganger by altering reality.

I wish they’d dwell more on the fact that physically, Isabelle is 20, but mentally, she’s still a toddler. Hell, should she even be potty-trained? I thought she’d ask Matt to help her with her list since Sean turned her down.

I agree, things are moving a bit fast.

As I watch this season I can’t help but start to agree with Ryland’s point of view. These people are dangerous and should be controlled. Yeah, it sucks for them, but it’s for the greater good, especially seeing how Isabelle’s becoming extremely powerful.