The 4400 -- 7/16 (Unboxed Spoilers)

Dummy post to prevent mouseover spoilage. Message in next post.

So, why did Alana have to go on the run with Gary Navarro at the end? If Ryland already did whatever he had to do to clear her, and he doesn’t want it to make noise about the fact he brokered this backroom deal, then shouldn’t Alana be in the clear?

Or did the writers just realize what a boring-ass character she is and screw up while writing her out of the show?

Oh, and Tom? When you get a minute, can you please drive that syringe into the back of Isabel’s neck? K’thanks…

I guess the reason she went with him was yeah, officially Ryland couldn’t do anything, but he is very powerful, he could find another way.

And I’m torn about Tom. Some episodes he can be so cool, but in others, like last night, he was very irrational and hypocritical. I was getting angry at the writers for that when I realize that just means his character is very well written. So that calmed be down a bit.

And the more I watch the more I realize, yes Maia’s one of my favorite people, but the 4400 are a dangerous group and must be destroyed. They are too powerful.

And Isabelle deserves to die. I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. She has the mentality of a two year old. The problem with her is she actually has power that a two year old shouldn’t have.

I can’t wait for her to die.
I also wanted Tom to kill Alahna. Or at least let her rot. Like Diane said, “You’re spending a lot of effort to protect a woman who betrayed you.”

Overall: I love this show.

This isn’t The X-Files, Isabelle doesn’t have to be jabbed in the back of the head with the syringe; every time it comes up they go for a big vein in the arm. Maybe jabbing the back of her head would be more satisfying though… I’m part of the group who wants her goooooooone.

Something I noticed about Tom in another episode (Being Tom Baldwin) He was smiling. While not happy go lucky, he was much more laid back and easygoing than normal (IMHO). That’s how I knew it wasn’t Tom right off.
It’s too bad that Alana left. He had way too many issues with her sharing her gift though. (Gee, you’d think the people from the future made it just for him or something. :wink: )

I just hope we don’t have to listen to “Thomas” whining about Alana for the next several episodes.

Isabelle definitely needs to go. Soon. Of course that won’t happen though.

I’m actually relieved that Alanna is gone. Not only was her character dull, but her giving Tom fantasies where he’s interacting with his make-believe son was just creepy. Maybe he should have gone and seen his real son, instead of pretending that they’re all a big, happy family living in gumdrop houses on Lollipop Lane?

I’m not understanding all of the hate for Alanna. I think her pressence in Tom’s life made him a more layered character (the best part of this show is all the grey area). And anyway, I don’t think she’s gone for good; I think she and Tom will reunite eventually.

Isabelle seems to have learned that she doesn’t have to actually hurt/kill people, that threats work too. In its own warped way, this is a bit of progress for her. At this point, she’s the show’s big wildcard; she’s seems generally evil, but not asbsolutely irredeemable. I don’t understand the desire to get rid of her character, as she gives the show a lot of possibilities.