Questions Only thread

Are we supposed to?

Am I missing out on some wonderful missives by not reading them?

Can’t you just read the damned things ?

Now why would I do a thing like that? If I carefully read every comment, wouldn’t I have less cause or occasion to post questions? And isn’t this thread’s very existence solely intended to serve that purpose?

Was anybody here expecting the Spanish Inquisition?

What are looking at me for? Can’t I post when I damn well please?

It’s not a question of when, but of if, innit?

Doesn’t the concept of ‘if’ somehow constrain our potential development as humans?

If you’re going to post in this thread, there’s no reason that it should, is there?

Is it just me or was my previous post more or less unintelligible?

I’d say “more” rather than “less”, right?

How could I have phrased that better?

Doesn’t that depend on what the hell you were trying to say?

Now how would I know what I was thinking over half an hour ago?

If you don’t know, how could the rest of us?

Perhaps it was intended as more of a rhetorical question?

That’s not exactly unusual here, is it?

On a closely related matter, does anyone else feel like their whole life is somehow like being trapped in a never ending Keebler Elf commercial?

No, why? Do you have pointy ears, live in a tree and make cookies?

Couldn’t being named ‘Ernie’ qualify?