Questions Only thread

Can’t you use your imagination?

Can’t we all just conceive?

How surprised would I be if I could, given that I had a vasectomy about 20 years ago?

The vasectomy wasn’t a surprise, was it?

Do surprise vasectomies happen often?

Don’t you think it’s a rather horrifying thought?

Somebody’s gotta’ve made a grimdark movie about that by now, don’t you think?

In a world with not one, not two, but three Human Centipede movies, doesn’t a surprise vasectomy movie seem rather tame?

Well, you wouldn’t want to star in one, would you?

You wouldn’t think I was exaggerating if I said I didn’t even want to think about one, would you?

Who would?

Would I ?

Why don’t you tell us?

Yeah, aren’t we all about honesty and self-reflection here? Well… some of us, anyway?

What if we’re lying about honesty?

Isn’t that just a wee bit contradictory?

If everything you say is a lie, and everyone knows it, is that the same thing as always telling the truth?

Wasn’t “To Tell the Truth” a popular panel show? Is it still on?

Do you agree that the current To Tell The Truth is the best revival of old game shows?

No, don’t you think it could be “What’s My Line?”?