Questions Only thread

If you ate it on a military ship, would that make it a naval orange?

Why don’t we have a damn “Like” button?

Wouldn’t we then need a “Hate” button?

Well, we’ve got a lot of emojis now, don’t we?

How many do we have? Has anybody counted them all?

If you think it’s worth doing, why don’t you do it?

OMG, how bored would you have to count all those?

If not bored, might you have OCD?

Was all this due to the lack of a Like button?

Is it maybe time for another Keira Knightley picture?:

Jeez, ANOTHER Keira Knightley picture?

Is that a bad thing?

Could you change things up a bit?

Like, hit you over the head with a giant rubber mallet?

What do you think I am? A cartoon?

You mean… you’re not?

Which cartoon character would he be?

I’m thinking maybe… Top Cat?

Why Top Cat?

Might he be a Bottom Cat?