Questions re Slug's illustration for the 'bruised ovaries" column

This is always a dangerous undertaking, but I have a couple of questions about Slug’s drawing for the “bruised ovaries” column, and I wondered if people who get the column in the newspaper might have a clearer image for small details than we have available online.

  1. The big “lizard guy” has some letters/words on his tatooed arm. Can anyone read these?

  2. The turkey-fied Cecil seems to be holding something and gesturing. Any idea what he is demonstrating?

Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. It says "Born to Raze Hell (with some letters backwards; I guess aliens with prehensile tentapenacles can’t spell too good).

  2. I believe he’s just waving his finger in the air (perhaps giving the “tour of the female reproductive system” he describes in the article); you can see a “whoosh” under his arm, and a wavy line traced from a starting point at the bottom to his crooked finger at the top.