Questions you've secretly always wanted to ask the other sex

One of my fonder academic memories from college involved a psych class: One day the professor had us all (this was a bigger class, maybe a hundred students) get up and stand on opposite sides of the room. Girls on one side, boys on the other. Just like a middle school dance.

Then she told us that this was our chance to ask a question of the opposite sex. It was … enlightening. I don’t remember all of it, but the one that sticks out to this day was a guy who asked the girls: “Do you EVER poop?” He went on to say that he had been on a week-long vacation with his girlfriend “and she NEVER pooped! Ever!” And the ladies all chimed in to explain that, yes, his gal no doubt did indeed poop. She just held it, and got up in the middle of the night to do it, so he wouldn’t hear. (Duh. :slight_smile: )
So, Dopers: what have you always wanted to ask? (Bonus points to Dopers who answer the others on behalf of their own gender.)

I’ll start. Guys? When sleeping on your backs, why do you *always *sleep with one hand cupping your own junk? Is this how morning wood gets started?

Girl here, wanting to respond and add a bit to this: my husband doesn’t cup his junk, but does get a morning wood. It’s my understanding that some of this involves having to pee? Is that correct?

Always? Not the case. And no, that’s not where morning wood comes from.

Sometimes I wake up with my hand there, but I made no conscious decision to do so.

Ladies, why do you go to the ladies room in herds?

Nope. Consider that to be an urban myth. We’ve had threads about it before.

To gossip about you, of course.

Boys, without the aid of a handbag, how do you keep track of all your shit without losing it all the time? I’m thinking, wallet, car keys, loose change, cigarettes, lighter, gum etc etc?

Pockets, of course.

Travel lightly. Only carry car keys and a money clip. The rest of it is unnecessary. If I really have to carry something else, I give it to my wife (who puts it in her purse).

Really? Where do you keep your driver’s license, credit card, and KISS Army card? (Right back pocket for me.)

My wife has never carried a pocketbook in her life and she’s almost 50.

Most women I know don’t go to the bathroom in herds.

Boys, can you multitask? My husband once told me that the reason he never cooks is because he doesn’t feel like he can watch our son and make a meal at the same time is because men are incapable of multitasking. Is that true?

When I carried a money clip I just stuck them in there, between cash and clip. These days I’m back to using a wallet.

I can do related things, like watch football and keep an eye on my fantasy football scores; or play poker while drinking beer and smoking.

I can’t answer for my entire gender, only myself. Yes, I believe I can. I’ll often start something in the kitchen then go look up something on my computer, or watch a little TV, or clean something. But I’m not as good as it as my ex, who could multitask far more than I. She’d cook, clean, parent two kids, parent two pets, and carry on a phone conversation all at the same time. I don’t know if that’s because of what she has between her legs or because for the last 16 years she’s had no other choice.

I think you’re husband is putting one over on you. :wink:

Girls, why are you so embarrassed/disgusted by bodily functions and emissions?

All men get erections during sleep, specifically during REM (dream) sleep.

Ladies, why do you always wait until the check-out operator tells you how much to pay before you open your purse.

And why do you wait until you’re on the bus before doing the same.

Honestly, this really freaks me out.

Ladies, during a double date in college, our dates got up to go to the girls room when the check was brought. Was this a coincidence? Not that we were going to ask for a contribution.

Nope. Not a coincidence. Not even a little.

Because guys (and some gals) are so grossed out by bodily functions when they come from gals. I actually had a person (male) break up with me because I belched in public. Sometimes you just can’t help it. So we get embarrassed because it’s not “ladylike” behavior, and people look at you, comment at you, etc. And because Mom said “don’t do that!”

It might have been a coincidence, but more likely the appearance of the check signaled that it was nearly time to go, which meant it was time to go to the bathroom, take care of any biological needs, and freshen up their make-up. I usually do the same before leaving a restaurant, and pretty much always do it if I’m not going straight home after.

I was wondering about that. You just confirmed my suspicions.

I’m not grossed out by bodily functions. On the other hand, my husband looks at me like I grew another head whenever I admit to having them or when he hears evidence. I can’t imagine waiting until he went to sleep to poop or something, but I certainly never tell him what I’m up to in the bathroom.