**QUICK** come chat with me..I'm scared!

Well, not really but we had an AWFUL storm and our power has been out for about 2 hours. I’m using up my last 30 minutes or so of laptop power hoping to chat a bit (I’m home all alone. :::shudder:::slight_smile:

Come join me! If I’m not there, my laptop went dead…or the boogeyman got me.


just don’t go into the dark basement to check the fuses… Thats when the guy with ax kills you…hate when that happens…

speaking of fears… do you guys always run up the last few steps when you come outta the basement…I do everytime, what a wuss I am.

Well, I went and you weren’t there…hope everything’s ok. Of course when I got there everyone else logged out. ::sniffs armpits:: Hmmmm…

But I’m back…and I won’t check the fuses…don’t worry!