Quick English to Spanish help

I’m working on a site that has an alternate Spanish version. The big text comes to me already in Spanish but there’s bits and pieces (like buttons, headings, etc) that I need to do myself.

I’ve done ok with online services and my own Spanish 4 education but this one is stumping me. I think because of the tense.

It’s a heading for a newsletter signup section that says “Get Notified.” Google Translate says “¡Entérate!” Is that right? I don’t want to accidentally say “Get Bent” or something :slight_smile:

Well, enterarse can be translated as “to get notified,” but on some websites in Spanish, I’ve seen “inscríbase” or “regístrese” used for the button to sign up for a newsletter.

Íf you want to be polite (addressing your visitors with usted, not ), I’d suggest “entérese” instead of “entérate” if you want to stisck with enterarse.