Quick English-to-Spanish translation needed

We’ve had a company application form professionally translated into Spanish, and I have a last minute-revision.

We just had a toll-free number set up for our company, and this must be added to both the English and Spanish forms.

The English form reads

So how should this be phrased in Spanish?

Oprima is the imperative for “Call” – I think it literally means “push” (as in “oprima dos” for “To discuss your bill, press 2” or “Oprima 555-1234” for “Call 555-1234”.)

Gratuito means “free, at no charge” and is standard for usages like this.

Should you use an exclamation point, don’t forget that Spanish usage is to begin a sentence ending with one with an inverted one. My advice would be to omit it altogether.

Phone (Toll-Free): XXX-XXX-XXXX = Número de teléfono gratuito: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX = Número de Teléfono: xxx-xxx-xxx

The phone numbers are posted underneath our mailing address, so there’s no exhortation for the client to call – merely a simple listing. The Spanish translation already uses teléfono to indicate the standard number. I’m just trying to distinguish the local number from the toll-free.

You don’t need the “Número de”, which takes up a lot of space. It’s not relevant in an email signature, but can be in other types of forms.

Teléfono (gratuito) XXX-XXX-XXXX

For better alignment, I’ve also seen

Teléfono XXX-XXX-XXXX (gratuito)
Teléfono XXX-XXX-XXXX (local)

Nava, that looks exactly like what I’m after. Gracias.

Sorry. I read it as the verb: “[You should] Phone 555-9876 if you have any questions.” Hence my skewed-from-your-needs answer.

Lada sin costo XXX-XXX-XXXX