Quick Fantasy Football Advice Wanted

So, in my non-SDMB fantasy football money league, I’ve got to choose between starting Kevan Barlow against the pathetic Detroit defense in the hellish SF running back by committee system, versus starting a banged up, questionable (but expected to start) Edgerrin James against the flat out nasty Tampa Bay defense.

What would you better researched Dopers do? Any insider info from locals that might help me out?

You’re kidding me? I’m in the same situation (with S. Alexander my #1), and I have Edge in as my #2

No doubt TB is a beastly D, but they haven’t exactly faced a good offense this year (Philly, Atl and Car), and I think they’ll take the approach that Carolina this year and NO last year have, which is run the ball up the middle, and run often.

Conventional wisdom states that TB’s defense, if it has any weaknesses, it’s against the run. But Indy has never been a pounding running team, and even when Edge runs the ball it tends to end up being spread plays and screens. Plus Edge could go down again at any point. Then again Barlow got a little tweaked last week too, and its always a flip of the coin who’s gonna get the TDs in that offense. And with the offense struggling, there may not be as many as there once were even against Detroit.

One other note, Indy is on the road, SF is at home.

When Indy is up in the second half (yes, I just said that, wow), they’ll be wanting to pound Edgerrin assuming he actually IS healthy. Plus it gives you a reason to watch Monday Night Football :slight_smile:

That said, I wouldn’t expect tons of points from either of those guys this week.


I don’t know, Barlow could easily get 10+ ffl points against lowly Detroit. Edge is usually a certain 10 against anyone, but the injury and TB rep make it suspect. I can think up alot of unpleasant outcomes for either choice. Perhaps a less pessimistic and impartial third party out in doperland could offer a tie breaker.

There is no question you start Edge. Barlow will be splitting plays with others, Edge won’t. Plus Edge when not running can also catch out of the backfield, so you can’t just decide based on the TB run D. PLUS Detroit is not that bad a team and SF is not that GOOD a team this year, so don’t be surprised if Detroit comes out on top.

       Start Edge, do dobut.  Every down runner beats out a "committee" runner every time.  And, for the record, when Edge was healthy his first two seasons the Colts would pound the ball down the field at times.  Its just they don't have to hand the ball off every time, like some teams (Miami) because they actually have a very skilled QB and WR also.

Edge. He’s well rested from not playing the Saints. Local media says he could have played last week…the back wasn’t that bad.

I also agree with Kiros…Indy should be up in the first half and Tom Moore like to run Edge in the 2nd half with a lead.

Edge, if only because Barlow’s not 100%. Ericson’ll use any excuse he has to commit to Hearst. TB <i>is</i> weak against the run (at least compared to vs the pass) (proof: Stephen Davis, anyone?) Dungy knows how to play a football game: if Manning’s going to be any use, Edge’s going to have to get his touches. I wouldn’t predict a TD for either of them with any confidence, but Edge will have at least twice as many touches as Barlow, and is probly higher on the chart in the red zone as well.

Looks like we’re beginning to develop a concensus here, though I’m sure IUHomer will not mind if I take his, um, unbiased* advice with a grain of salt.

you think that is bad I have three QB’s

Bledsoe against the Bengals (top 5 pass defense) and Drew has been on a slide.

Manning against Tampa

T. Green against Denver

crappy calls all.

Oh in regards to the OP Go with Edge.

I’m starting Edge over a fully healthy Troy Hambrick against an anemic Cardinals run defense… no reason you shouldn’t do the same.

Keep in mind Steven Davis ran up 140 yards against the Bucs, and that Edge is just too valuable to bench unless severely injured. (and he practiced thursday AND friday)

I don’t have Edge, but I’m benching Harrison against the Bucs. I’m using K. Robinson and Lelie as starters, although I’m thinking about Jimmy Smith even though he missed the first 4 weeks.

I play Harrison every week in the two leagues I have him in, regardless of opponent.