quick, find me nifty gadget.

So I’m well late for fathers day , since it starts tomorrow. But I know the ‘personal’ thing I sent is ok, but I know the calculating biddys in the family, so I need to up the dollar value just a tad. Does anybody know of some little cool useful gadget in the 10 dollar range?
The more obscure the better, I can always say I ordered it long time ago but supplies didn’t come in because of back order.

Thinkgeek.com is a great source for neat crap!

  1. Multitool - type leatherman in amazon and you’ll see tons. I like the leatherman squirt with pliers for the keychain - about $23

  2. Either the Space Pen or the Inka. The Inka collapses to pinkie size, and writes underwater, on wet stuff, whatever. I have one stitched into my wallet by it’s li’l loop, so I always have a pen.

I love the Fischer Space Pen for writing, but the pen itself is rather cheaply made. How about the Inka?

I’ve been happy with it. It’s cheaper for one, and not suppository shaped for another. I lost my original one, and quickly found a replacement, so I must be a satisfied repeat customer.

wallet pen

both pop up on a google

Hat with a built in flashlight. What Dad wouldn’t like that?