Quick! Help! Boxing-like wedding slogan needed.

Something like Thrilla’ in Manilla
Or Rumble in the Jungle.

But wedding themed.

Any ideas?


How about, “In the ring for the ring”?

That’s not wedding themed at all!

With limited knowledge as to wedding location, honeymoon location, time of year, couple’s names, here’s what you get:

The Hitchin’ before the Bitchin’
The Vows before the Pows
The Declaration before the Vacation
The I Do’s before the Hell No’s

Doing the Thing with the Ring

The Wedding Ring:Only One Man Enters.

I’m concerned about your marital bliss . . .:smiley:

Spouse in the House!

Prebedding wedding!

I don’t have a suggestion, but I thought I’d share a story.

About 13 years ago, I went to a wedding. The couple were friends of my then-girlfriend (I didn’t know them at all.) It was a pretty traditional catholic wedding, including mass. Felt like it took forever.

So we finally get to the reception, and start in on drinks and appetizers. Which were all fried. Including the ravioli. So we are eating and drinking, waiting for the wedding couple.

They arrive, and it’s time for their big entrance. At which point the DJ picks up the microphone and says,


With the music and everything. It was…odd.

If you were getting married in Hawaii:

The I Do in Oahu
The Vow We in Maui

If you pick the location first, it really cuts down the number of possible slogans. If the slogan is good enough, the wedding could be anywhere.

The Altar in Gibraltar

I like that one!

For a prison wedding where the bride is pregnant…

Knocked Up & Locked Up

Location is key, but till then:

The Great White Wedding Hope
Cinderella Man and Wife
Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!
Couple v. World: Night of the Century

Studio City California? Yeah… it’s a tough one

thank you everyone. I’m loving them. If anyone has more ideas- please post.

**The Def Most on the Left Coast
**Rally in Cali
Welcome to the Hotel California

Rocky Horror 2: Electric Wedding

And, if they choose to get married in the ring at the wrestling matches…
Headlock & Wedlock**

The Grapple in the Chapel

Well, I liked it.