Quick Internet question--how do I download a *.wav file?

I mean, how do I do it when there’s no obvious button or link to download it? I just surfed by WavCentral.com; it has lots of great wav’s but I don’t see how to do anything more than just listen to them online. How do I get them
on my computer?


With most browsers, instead of clicking on the item with your left mouse button (which is what I assume you’re doing to listen to it online), click on the item with your right mouse button, which should bring up a menu. On this menu should be an option to "Save Target as… " which will allow you to save the .WAV file to your hard drive.


I see where your problem is. They’re using a cgi thingamabob (sorry to get technical ;)) to make it difficult to download and save.

The good news is you’ve already downloaded and saved them if you’ve listened to them. Look in your browsers History or Cache to find them.

I didn’t know that’s what “Save Target As” did.

When using Netscape if you hold down SHIFT when you click on something, you can bring up a download window request, that is, if there is something to download.