Quick! Recommend me a computer game!


Last night Mr. Bunny and I got into a discussion about all the fun we used to have way back in the day playing computer games. Only problem is, until very recently, we were no longer in posession of a computer capable of playing such games. Happily, that is no longer the case, and in about three hours we are off to the mall in search of something to play with. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the loop for so long, I have no idea what’s out there, so I turn to the Dope for suggestions.

The games I liked a million years ago when I used to play on the computer were:
Phantasmagoria 2
the one with all the skeletons that looked like Day of the Dead decorations, name of which escapes me right now

Those are the three that I have the fondest memories of. So, I guess I like somewhat dark and occasionally puzzle-oriented games. Anything like that out there right now worth checking out?

Sounds like you should be seeking out Ghost Master.

The game you are referring to (with the Day of the Dead skeletons) is called Grim Fandango. If you would like a game more action-oriented (with some puzzles still) Psychonauts is a pretty decent game. There is also a game you might want to try called Bone, which is being released in downloadable episodic format (http://www.telltalegames.com). You might be disappointed to hear however that puzzle/action adventure games haven’t been all that popular lately, but there are still a few gems out there.

taking notes

Thank you for the suggestions, keep em coming!

If you are looking for adventure type horror games a good recent release is Scratches. Two older ones that are still around are Dark Fall and Light’s Out (aka Dark Fall II).

You might want to look around Just Adventure to see what is available these days. As broken says the adventure game fields isn’t what it used to be but there are still some gems out there.

No suggestions on games, but if you’re “going out to the mall” to buy a computer, understand that games push the envelope of computer ability and buying one at the mall may not be the best idea. More likely than not you’ll pay more for less.

You may want to wait for some more suggestions, take a look at several gaming review sites, get a sense of what you’d like, then look at those games’ requirements (and not minimum requirements, recommended requirements). Then realize that 9 months later the new games will have recommended requirements way above what you just purchased :slight_smile:

There are better places to buy than the mall. And if it’s a serious investment, consider building one yourself (it’s not that hard - the research takes longer than building it).

Just a thought … hope this doesn’t sound condescending, as I am by no means a computer expert. But I did build my own system for the first time ever - pretty much top of the line - a little over a year ago, and the new games out are pushing it already (if I want to run them so they look great)

Good luck. Hope you find the computer and games you like.

To clarify, we bought our new computer several weeks ago. It just occurred to us last night that we now have a computer capable of being something other than a paperweight.

Ah, ok. Let us know what cool games you find then. Since I bet Paperweight 2.0 got old real fast. :slight_smile:

Ghost Master is an awesome game that no one but reviewers apparently played. I absolutely loved it.

Recent adventure games (as in the three I’ve played in the last three weeks):

CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder (2.5/5 stars)
Keepsake (4/5 stars)
Crime Stories (haven’t yet finished it, so no review, but it’s not looking good and may be the worst of the three)

Be careful of Just Adventure. They tend to be…lenient in their review scores. I suggest going to www.metacritic.com and looking at compilation scores. See what lots of reviewers say about a game.

If you don’t mind waiting for a while, I can send you quite a few free adventure games (retail copies). Email me.

Ivylad and I enjoy Sid Meier’s Pirates. I keep track of his missions and where he needs to go, and he fights the battles and dances with the governors’ daughters.

Ooooo adventure games. I like those almost as much as I like ponies and my dog (and some people think ponies and my dog are my life). I’m fond of the adventure game site Gameboomers . One of their members, Inferno , has a wonderful site that walks you through playing older games of the genre. Her information has helped me out a million times.

I second the nomination for Scratches . I’m playing it right now and its pretty cool. I’ve heard that it’s crash-tastic, but so far it’s behaved for me. Got Game Entertainment put out another good game called The Watchmaker . For indie games, the Delaware St. John series is pretty neat so far. Admittedly, although I loath The Adventure Company , I am so their bitch. They own me. Syberia is one of their games and while it’s not dark, it’s quite beautiful. Actually, come to think of it part of it is dark. If you’re interested in old school games, I’d recommend the Gabriel Knight series. You’ll generally have to find these online and the steps to get them to work on XP can be painful, but they’re great games. Also, the Circle of Blood/ Broken Sword trilogy is fun. Sorry, I’m going from memory here, I can’t get to the games I have downstairs at the moment, and I have a ton upstairs that I’m sure I can’t even remember.

So, DeadlyAccurate, would you mind telling me about Keepsake? I’d love to play it but sadly my machine says no.

Upon preview, I also agree about Dark Fall and Lights Out. It really enhances the game if you play in bed and your dog sleeps underneath it, occasionally wakes up and forgets where he is and all you know is your bed is shaking and you heard a THUMP! Isn’t my doggie good to me to help enhance the game for me like that?

Once more, on preview, while they aren’t dark, the Nancy Drew games by Her Interactive are fun games. They say something like girls 10 & up, but they did some research and found out that a lot of adults play them.

“Still Life” sounds like it’d be up your alley, though X-Play only gave it a three out of five due to some gameplay issues. I haven’t ever played it, either, so I couldn’t really give my own opinion.

If you want to try a first-person shooter, I like the new(ish) Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The parts that take place in the bowels of the castle…yikes. You could play it in the middle of the day with the lights on, and it’ll still scare the hell out of you. Very atmospheric. And did I mention scary? Scary.

I hope this is coherent; I haven’t gotten any sleep.

You play Lydia, a new student of Dragonvale Academy. She arrives expecting to see her friend Celeste and instead finds that everyone in the school has gone missing. It has a lot of puzzles that are quite challenging and an awesome hint system that will go so far as to completely solve the puzzle for you if you’re just too stuck. The only complaint I had about the game was the voice acting of the main character. It was painful. I had to play the game with the sound down to get through it.

I liked Still Life, too. Fair warning: it deserve its “M” rating.

I recommend American McGee’s Alice. Warning: do not read the Wikipedia article on it, it spoils the whole plot. I will give a small excerpt to hook you though. (The opening scenes, and the insert that comes with the boxed set show this.)

It goes on to give details on the plot that are better left unknown until you encounter them. Get the boxed version of the game if you can, because it comes with a little pamphlet with her psychiatrists “Case Notes” on Alice. It gives a lot more depth to the game.

If you’re looking to waste 300 hours of your lifetimes (blissfully, though :D), try Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The game is humongous, but I warn you, it requires little less than a start-of-the-art gaming system to play.


Zounds! Thanks again for all the suggestions, everyone. We ended up picking up Scratches - it seemed to have decent reviews here and elsewhere online and was only $20. We figured it’s a good place to start. We will most definitely be checking out some of these other suggestions down the line!

In a different category, Sokoban is highly addicting, and challenging as well…

I recently picked up Simgolf for five bucks and am now thoroughly hooked. It’s good to be behind the curve!

Still Life isn’t a bad game if you can find it for no more than 20 bucks. I think Sid Meier’s Pirates! is in the 20 dollar bargain section and that’s certainly worth picking up. Knights of the Old Republic was a surprisingly good Star Wars RPG and the sequel was only mildly disappointing compared to the original but both can be had for 20 bucks.