Quick-- Which Movie Should I Watch?

Okay, here are the final contestants:
Snatch It doesn’t say on the sleeve, but I think Brad Pitt’s in this. And it hardly matters if the movie’s actually any good, because Brad Pitt’s in it.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut I’m a big South Park fan.
Saving Grace A Sundance Film Festival Audience Award winner about a newly widowed woman who finds herself in financial ruin and resorts to selling weed in her small English town to make a living.
I hope to make my selection in the next hour or so. What should I watch? Tomorrow I’ll be able to watch the other two.

Snatch. Brad Pitt is indeed in the film, and it’s a most enjoyable London Crime Caper film. Grab some popcorn and pint of lager and enjoy!

I seem to recall hearing that you couldn’t make out what they’re saying in Snatch? Should I turn on the subtitles if that’s the case, or is it part of the experience of the movie?

Skip the subtitles, it’s fun trying to work it out and it doesn’t matter if you can’t.

I second Snatch. You may not catch every word, but you can understand more than enough, and it’s never too hard to figure out what’s happening regardless.

Aside from a couple of the musical numbers, the South Park movie was just kinda meh (even if you like the show), and while I don’t know much about Saving Grace, I find that Sundance award winners are generally pretentious and/or cloying…and if you can’t trust my irrational generalized entertainment prejudices, what can you trust?

Snatch it is. :slight_smile:

Another vote for “Snatch”. Haven’t seen “Saving Grace” though.

Definitley NOT Snatch. Unless you speak and understand gibberish.

South Park movie = pure awesome

Saving Grace = not as awesome as South Park, but definitley a fun and light-hearted movie worth watching.

South Park and Saving Grace were both very fun movies.
Go for Saving Grace, it is fairly obscure and very quirky. You are far more likely to catch South Park at another time.


Aaaagh! I’m so confused. It looked like Snatch was going to be the clear winner, but Saving Grace is coming up from behind. I’ll give it another 15 minutes or so, then decide.
On the plus side, I’m completely childless for the next week, which is unusual, so I can watch whatever I want all week!

Well it works against my vote, but in the interest of quickly providing more opinions: IMDB voted ratings:
Snatch (2000) **8.0/10 ** (62,592 votes)
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999) **7.6/10 ** (42,560 votes)
Saving Grace (2000) **6.8/10 ** (4,792 votes)

So the only Saving Grace with “Saving Grace” is that you will be able to discuss a movie that only a much smaller percentage of people have seen.

Another vote for Snatch. Ironically, it’s Brad Pitt’s accent you’ll have problems with. And skip the subtitles - the point is that his character speaks a peculiar dialect and is mostly incomprehensible to the other characters.

Okay, I’ve made my decision.

I’m going to go with the majority and watch Snatch. Without subtitles.

Thanks to all who replied, and I’ll definitely catch the other two tomorrow/and or Monday.

I guess I’m in this thread too late. I was going to say role a die, they’re all very entertaining movies. You’ll have fun with Snatch, but you’ll like the other two too.