Quickly! Mixing Jello Gelatin with Jello Pudding: Brilliant or Disastrous?

Ok, so I thought I’d make a small desert tonight, as I have a package of Chocolate Sugar-free pudding mix. Then I noticed I have some Sugar-Free Jello in orange. Orange and chocolate are good together. The wheels begin turning…

Do you think I can mix the two to make a chocolate-orange desert? Using part milk and part water as the liquid? Brilliant idea or completely disgusting?

I’d need to start it soon for it to be ready by dinner. Guide me, Dopers!

Well, it should make a chocolate-orange flavored goop, consistency to be determined. Your call as to whether or not that’s disgusting.

Don’t cross the streams.


I don’t know that the gelatin would congeal if you mix the two, and low percentage gelatin tends to be runny. Does pudding have gelatin in it? I thought it was just a milk fat/starch/egg concotion. You may want to add back some nonflavored gelatin to the mix if you do mix the two before gelling. Or just make the two separately and mix, that would end up a bit like tapioca or something, especially if you halved the water in the orange gelatin to firm it up a bit then cube…

I wouldn’t do it. Sounds icky.

I’d layer it. Make the jello and the pudding separately, then cut the jello into cubes and layer jello, pudding, jello, parfait style.

You only live once. Give it a shot and report back.

Technical difficulties aborted this mission of discovery. :frowning: I decided to use only the measure of milk, omitting the water for the gelatin. So I boiled up a 1/2 cup of milk and added the gelatin… the milk solids imemdiately curdled (the heat+citric acid at work I suppose) leaving me with a chunky mess.

What I should have done is dissolved the gelatin in water, let it cool and added the pudding mix and milk after it had fully cooled. Live and learn.

Plain pudding for me tonight. Oh well.

This sounds like the best idea so far. I don’t think that mixing the two jello products together would result in anything that most people would willingly eat.

Be sure to let us know what you decide to do.

This along with Whipped cream (or topping if you must cool whip) is the best way to give this a go. I’m not sure how chocolaty or how orangy these things are, but if you have any hope, the parfait approach is your best bet, they use completely different processes to reach their semi-solid states.

My mother used to let the jello harden a bit (in an oblong pan), then she’d pour the pudding in in a stream. It was a sort of marbled effect, and quite tasty.

But never with chocolate pudding. Vanilla pudding and cherry jello was the ticket.

Now that at least sounds like it could be good.

The Orange Jello/Chocolate Pudding homogonous mixture concept just made my head hurt :frowning:


I’m going to give this a try tonight!

Sure, go for it.

Just don’t use pineapple.


I made that cherry jello/vanilla pudding mix last night. It’s… interesting. Is it supposed to be all mixed in, or just drizzled into the partly-set jello? I did the latter. Set, it looks like some strange substance I might have found in my high school science lab. Red with vague, pale blobs hibernating inside. Which, actually, is pretty cool. I used a glass dish so I could see everything. Neat.

My husband loves the stuff. I haven’t quite decided. I’m a bit of a texture freak, so it’s kind of weird. I think I think it is delicious, though. :smack: I keep eating more of it.

My husband calls is Pudd-O. Or Judding. He hasn’t decided yet.

Don’t use fresh pineaple or kiwi.

I’ve actually done this: Boil 1/2 cup of water. Put in blender, sprinkle jello on top and blend. Add 4 ice cubes and blend till the racket stops. Then add 2 c. milk and pudding mix and blend.

It’s quite good.

I saw this on Yahoo Answers. It was posted by a pastry chef.:
If you mix in instant pudding to liquid jello it will be very firm, as they both use gelatin to set. If you try it be sure to add about out half the milk (or maybe a lil more) than the pudding calls for, also make sure you pour the jello on to the pudding or it won’t mix in. It’ll kinda be like a fruit flan, kinda.

I’m experimenting with making jello-pudding shots. I’m starting with strawberry banana flavor. Wish me luck!

He made dessert 8 years ago! I think he knows how it turned out! :rolleyes:

If you’re set on orange flavor in your chocolat pudding, you could try adding a couple of shots of Grand Marnier. Not that I have any idea how alchohol would affect the coagulation.

Orange jello with vanilla pudding would be like a Creamsicle, I would think. I like Creamsicles.