Quote ID?

‘You have beautiful eyes. Are they yours?’

It could have been ‘Your eyes are beautiful’ or some other variation. It’s one of my favourite quotes, and I can’t remember what film it’s from.

This rings a bell. Are you perhaps thinking of The Addams Family (1 or 2, I don’t remember)?

Morticia says something like: “You have your father’s eyes. Now give them back.”

From Addam’s Family Values (paraphrasing from memory):
“He has his mother’s eyes.”
“Gomez, take those out of his mouth.”

From Mrs. Doubtfire:
“You have your brother’s eyes.”
“Only if he fills out a donor’s card!”

No, not Addams Family.

There’s this guy. I don’t remember if he’s a Criminal Boss, Evil Overlord, Tough Guy, or what. And there’s this girl. ISTM she’s onto the guy’s scheme and she lets him know it. He delivers the line as sort of a kiss-off. Could have been in a nightclub or a party. The guy seemed somewhat aloof. I could be completely wrong in my description.

That’s what’s so maddening. This is a film I like. There’s a good chance it’s on my shelf right now. I love the line. But right now I can only dimly recall it.

OK, now I’m thinking it was an aloof Sophisticated Beatnik. Specifically, I’m thinking it might have been Nigel Planer as ‘Charles’ in The Comic Strip Presents… episode ‘The Beat Generation’. I’ll have to dig it out.

OK, now I want to know where the hell this quote came from!

I have a movie on right now, but I’ll check the ep. to see if I’m right after it’s over.

In the meantime, here’s a clip from the show.

The Crow? The head villain in that had a thing for eyes, and worked out of a nightclub.

I never liked the movie, so I’ve only seen it once, and wasn’t paying much attention (chose to reread the comic, where no such character existed, instead), but I remember that much…

Well, I watched ‘The Beat Generation’. Unless I missed it, it’s not from there.

(Not The Crow either, as I’ve never seen it.)

MST3K, maybe?

From when they screened “This Island Earth:”
Man looking into a woman’s eyes:“You have beautiful eyes”
Crow: “Can I have one?”

Nope. For a while there, I thought it was a comedy. (i.e. Comic Strip Presents…) But now I’m back to the OP when I thought it was a snarky line in a serious film.

Just to throw two titles out there: could it be Minority Report (with switched-out eyes being a plot point) or Blade Runner? It’s been awhile since I saw that one but I seem to remember an eye scan being fairly important to the story.

Neither one of those. The line was, or was very close to ‘You have beautiful eyes. Are they yours?’ The eyes were normal in every way and resided in their usual spots in the woman’s head. The eyes didn’t play an important part of the plot. The line was, I think (but I’m not sure), a kiss-off.

Not Blade Runner at least - just rewatched it the other day and checked my memory against the transcript found here. (I watched the Director’s Cut, FWIW; might be in the theatrical release, but I doubt it.)

Addams family was what immediately came to mind for me, as well. Minority Report and The Fifth Element came in a tied second.


From Sexy Beast:

Don: You got very nice eyes, DeeDee. Never noticed them before. They real?