Quoting Multiple Posters

I’ve noticed that some folks, when quoting multiple posters, get the little [>] box that links you back to the quoted post. Is there some way to do this automatically, or are they just meticulously figuring out and including the post ID # when they code the quote? :confused:

Clicking the Quote or Multiquote (close quote) button does that automatically.

As Lute says, you can click on the multiquote tab ("+) at the lower right corner of the post for each post you want to quote, then click “post reply.” This even works for posts in other threads in addition to the one you are replying to.


This is really nifty.

Thanks guys!

Now: DO NOT OVERQUOTE. This has been a public service announcement.

For reasons unknown, the multi-quote option has NEVER worked for me on this machine (Linux with Firefox), although it works on my Winders box with IE.

Whenever I want to do multi-quotes, like nested quotes, I open an editor window, and quote them one at a time, copying and pasting the pieces together in the editor window like a jigsaw puzzle. For as often as I want to do multi-quotes (or nested quotes), that’s good enough for me.

But I’ve asked about it before, and nobody has a clue why it doesn’t work for me.

Why not?

Seems like there’s always one (at the very least) in every crowd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’m just jealous that Jragon beat me to it. :wink:

Wow, thanks… I didn’t know that was available. When I’ve quoted multiple posts, I’ve just cut-and-pasted and meticulously used "quote = " etc. Thnx!

YOU didn’t know it was available? boggle



Posting tips;

:eek: Wow, just wow.

Old dogs… New tricks. Etc etc

Ditto in spades! My somethings are tottering.

Woo hoo! It works!

Just discovered this Greasemonkey script that restores the nested quote function (adds a button inline with the “Title” field that searches the quoted post), thought I’d share. Seems to work!

CMC fnord!