R.O. Teen sues parents for ...aw fuck it

Up front, I admit I have no children. If this were my child, however, I would have no fucking children. I would disown her and never speak to her again.

She would not get a dime, btw. All available funds would be used to defend me against the murder charge for doing away with John Inglesino.

[sub]Recreational outrage. I have no dog in the fight, I have no kids, it doesn’t affect me in any way except to piss me off[/sub]

Meh, she’s 18. She’s for all intents and purposes an adult by that age. Even if her folks did kick her out, they are under no obligation (legally or ethically IMHO) to continue supporting her.

They might be up for back dues to the private school the Princess attends, but that’d be an argument between the 'rents and the school I’d wager.

Yeah, I agree with you Typo Negative. If she’s not prepared to abide by the rules of the household (providing they’re not too draconian or abusive) then she’s free to live elsewhere AND support herself totally.

However, I wonder what will happen to her if Inglesino loses the case? Will he still be prepared to provide a roof over her head? Or is he looking at this like a proverbial cash-cow? :rolleyes:

Haven’t there been cases where the parents sued their children over the cost of raising them?

Someone will eventually come in here and babble about how in some countries parents are responsible for their cunt turds happiness & upkeep until they can count to potato.

No more relevant in the USA as what happens on the 3rd moon of Fargon 6.
But kudos to John Inglesino for cumming up with an ingenious way of getting an 18 year old chick to blow him indefinitely. Probably cheaper than lobster and Coloradoan pot!

Parenting has been the most rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful thing I’ve ever done. And I wouldn’t do it again for all the whiskey in Ireland.

What he said.

There’s whiskey in Ireland?:confused:

And is it as good a pussy? That’s where my 3 came from. :smiley:

Don’t a lot of states now require child support payments (for separated parents) beyond 18 - helping out with college tuition? This seems like a logical extension.

Having taken in 2 teens now whose parents tossed them out at 18, all I can say is don’t put me on the jury.

Frankly, I’d like to see chain gangs for parents who decide to walk away from their obligations (and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces).

I think there is an important difference. The assumption is that normally the two parents will decide together what portion of their shared resources should be allocated to their child’s education. When something ends up in front of a judge, that means the parents can’t decide together what is appropriate, and the state is having to step in.

This part of the report seems much more reasonable than the headline:

But the Daily Record reports that, in the suit, Rachel alleges that her parents decided to cut her off “from all support both financially and emotionally” as of her 18th birthday, which was November 1. Her suit also demands the following of the Cannings: that they take care of an outstanding $5,306 Morris Catholic tuition bill; pay their daughter’s current living and transportation expenses; and free up her existing college fund, as she’s already been accepted to several universities. /quote]

So that’s school fees that the parents are most likely accountable for anyway - she was a minor when they sent her there (even if she wanted to go there, it was technically not her choice), and even if you turn 18 early in the school year that doesn’t entitle you to apply as an independent adult wrt fees. Not having the fees paid may also prevent her graduating. This is a debt they took on and she is the one who suffers more more from them not paying. That sum should just be paid, no issue.

Also living costs; it says current but doesn’t specify. Supporting your child in their last year of high school would be absolutely normal. It would be very difficult for an 18-year-old to suddenly get a job that paid all of their living costs mid-way in the last year of high school.

Freeing up her college fund also sounds reasonable. Yes, it’s probably the parents who paid into it - perhaps also grandparents, etc, but that’s not the point: if they set this up as a college fund for i]iher /i]then she should be able to use it to go to college. She’s not asking for them to just hand over the cash.

In adddition, if her parents continue to not support her (including releasing the college funds) while claiming that they will support her, it would mean that she couldn’t claim fees/grants as an emancipiated minor and would be liable for full fees. Perhaps this is part of a step for her to claim herself as an emancipated minor.

Also, while it might well be entirely true that all the father wanted was “reconsidering her relationship with a boyfriend who may be a bad influence, being respectful, and abiding by her curfew,” (the father’s quoted words), that could also be interpreted as “give up any boyfriends that we don’t like, call me Sir, and get home at 7pm”. Plus never talk back and act like an automaton despite your good grades, etc. I’ve known kids on both sides of the divide so I have no idea which this kid is. The fact that at least one other parent, one who is willing to take on this kid, thinks the rules are too much, sways me towards the latter.

I think the parents should give her want she wants, except I would limit the college tuition to just the first year so that she has time to secure her own financial aide package.

Otherwise, they risk making this soured relationship between their daughter completely irreparable. Yeah, she sounds like a piece of work. But they created her. They should pay her off and then wipe their hands clean, if she is that god-awful. But as long as she can say they left her in the lurch over minor adolescent impetuousness, they lose some of their moral high ground. Someone has to be the grown-up here.

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This part of the report seems much more reasonable than the headline:

This and also, you can’t just kick them out on their 18th birthday. If you’re really hell bent on kicking them out, you first have to serve them with a 30 day notice to vacate.
I’m with the daughter on this one. The parents sound like controlling assholes.

My opinion would be different if we were talking about some lazy pot smoking teen that didn’t so shit all day. But FFS! She’s a graduating honor student!

I think there’s plenty of grey area in this story for the parents to be controlling assholes and the kid to be a spoiled brat.

Not paying HS tuition is a complete shit thing to do if you actually want to repair the relationship with your child. AFAIC, at that point, you’ve given up any presumption that you want to do the right thing, and let’s let the lawyers duke it out to see how many checks you are legally liable to write.

Colleges generally consider parents’ income until the student reaches age 25, unless the student is married, in the military or legally emancipated or a few other situaitons. Even if a parent says they will absolutely not pay for college, the university/federal government still takes their income into account.

I’ve seen too many independent 18-24 year olds get completely screwed by this.

ETA: If she’s considered homeless, however, the rules may be different.

Kudos to you for expressing it far better than I could.


For you are the Kwisatz Haderach!

sounds like a fight over a bad boy friend. if he really IS bad the parents are completely right. if they are puritanical and overreacting, they are completely wrong. no way to tell from limited info:

“The rules, he notes, include reconsidering her relationship with a boyfriend who may be a bad influence, being respectful, and abiding by her curfew.”

Same here.

I’m going with “not enough facts yet”.

No, but there’s whisky.

From the article:

Basically this. She leeched on to a ‘best friend’ who’s dad happened to be a lawyer; the fact that she’s cute and ohbytheway 18 I’m sure hasn’t hurt a bit.

shrug - she’s a graduating honors student. I don’t care how smart or independent she thinks she is, I don’t think you get to be a graduating honors student all by her lonesome. Her parents helped her get there.

Sometimes children need their parents to give them a kick in the ass after becoming a legal adult to understand the difference between childhood and adulthood.

And yes, it does indeed sound like the parents didn’t approve of the boyfriend. Shock, horror :rolleyes:

If she’s living under her parent’s roof, she abides by their rules, I don’t care how ‘over-reacting’ or ‘puritanical’ she thinks they’re being. News flash:* every teenager in the history of the universe *has at one point or another been 100% convinced they have the Worst Parents Ever that should be Jailed for Abusive Parenting, for crimes such as ‘refusing to give me $300 to buy new designer shoes’ or ‘refusing to let me spend the weekend alone with my boyfriend at his empty summer cabin’ etc etc.

If she wants to play the ‘I’m a grown woman I can do what I want’ card, then they can turn around and say, ‘you’re absolutely right’. Sounds like they did just that. I hope the judge legally smacks the daughter and the jerk lawyer for wasting everybody’s time.