At the outset, I must say right up front that I always really liked this song, even as a little kid. It’s a great, catchy tune, the tempo & the phrasing add a nice drama; the mandolin/banjo/guitar parts, I think, are pretty badass; and on the face of it, it’s a happy little song about playing cowboys as a kid.

Through the magic of youtube, I have become familiar with the lyrics, and now every time I hear it I want to slap Sonny Bono.

Because he wrote it for her to sing. His wife. Which one small fact changes it into kind of a gross ego-fest. The worst part? The very last line, at the end, Sonny steps in and sings himself, just to make it super extra perfectly clear that she’s singing this paean about him.

If you want to see the interpersonal dynamic (watch him glare at her when they get to the part about playing games) and the stringed instruments, the video is here.

If you just want to read the lyrics, they’re here.

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