Race Bannon Guest stars on Venture Bros!

Spoilers ahead-

Wow, really funny episode, but I think they kind of overdid it because they threw in so much material they are going to run out of ideas pretty fast. The stuff I liked in particular-

After a teary death scene, Bannon’s corpse lets out some post mortem flatulence. As Brock says, “That’s the stuff they don’t show in the movies.”

[spoiler]The Fantastic Four spoof. More specifically, I love how they showed Reed Richards as this arrogant blowhard that everyone secretly hates. Also the fact that the rest of the Fantastic Four’s ‘powers’ are horribly disfiguring- Johnny Storm actually BURSTS INTO FLAME when exposed to oxygen, rather painfully burning too, I might add. I didn’t understand who the other two think tank scientists were supposed to be, but it is great how we get a little bit more and more of Dr. Venture’s past.[spoiler]

According to Walt Brisby and Dr. Richards, Dr. Venture was getting a doctorate in something, then his dad died while Venture was still in school. A professor felt sorry for him and gave him a ‘Sympathy D’ but because of that he never officially graduated.

Walt Brisby: “I also know that since you took over Venture Industries, profits have gone, ah, zippity-do-dah!”

(I love that quote! :smiley: )