Race Related Threads

This is just for my interest. I was going to put it in the longest threads list, but I’ve already jerked off there.

They’re sorted, latest responded to first, by forum.
<font size=“5”>The Straight Dope on Race</font>
<font size=“1”>The Teeming Millions Tackle Diversity and Race</font>
Great Debates
<font size=“2”>Great US Composers not Black or Jewish
Hollywood/Madison Ave & Tokenism & Minority TV
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Was Hitler Jewish
Why are Blacks Better Than Whites at Sports?
black Miss America Pageant
NAACP and Confederate Flag
The Clean Minorities Thread. (Don’t know. Don’t care)
Why is anti-semitism so popular
White Supremisists March in Idaho
Minorities (another one)
Racial Profiling
Hate Crime Laws
Affirmative Action - Legal Discrimination or Necessary Action</font>

<font size=“2”>
The C in NAACP
Bigots tick me off!
million man march?
The NAACP has lost its collective mind
<font color=#800080>At this point I’m too tired to continue. If there is any more, feel free to post them.</font>
There’s probably dozens in the General Questions forum. Goodnight y’all.

Also, my Formula One Thread should definately be included in that list :wink:


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