Rachel Dolezal learns what life is really like for many blacks

Rachel Dolezal, white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless

I guess things were different when she was swanning about as the head of an NAACP chapter. Now she faces the reality of what it’s like for many African-Americans in the US. A case of be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

I must give her some points though for continuing to pose as black even in adversity although I still think she could benefit from a course of psychoanalysis.

Actually more white people are on food stamps than anyone else.

Psychoanalysis? Why not enemas and hydroelectric baths?

…because that’s aldiboronti for you… and clearing his mind before posting hate just isn’t his style.

Maybe he could at least discharge the results of his next enema somewhere other than here.

Rachel “Iron Eyes” Dolezal is still cosplaying as an African-American?

If Dolezal is jobless and homeless she is not facing the reality of being black, despite what the OP imagines black people live like. The majority of black people in America have jobs and homes.

Huh. Reading the Guardian piece that Fox News linked to actually made me more sympathetic towards Dolezal. That’s not to say that I support her, but I kind of get it now. Thanks, aldiboronti!

Oh yeah, she’s living the same horrible life as all the other Blacks in this country, according to T. Rump. What does she have to lose?

And the lazy bum is refusing work!

Slacker! One of those jobs has been known to lead right to the White House!

Or she could do reality TV.


Story says she is only offered jobs in reality TV and porno films.

Exactly two more job offers than I’ll ever get. :mad:

It’s never been clear to me why Dolezal should get a negative reaction from anyone, let alone generate glee through her setbacks.

She’s talking about being “offered” jobs.

Does she know her way around a keyboard? She could try working temp. Which can even lead to a job–if you do well.

Or she could try food service. Or work in retail.

The fact that the OP thinks being homeless and/or on food stamps is what life is really like for black people in the US (as opposed to any other ethnic groups) says more about him tha about Dolezal.

Poor and homeless white people outnumber poor and homeless black people simply because there are just plain more white people in the US. Poverty and homelessness happens to all ethnicities.

So, this is more of that “bullshit fake news”, then?

Dolezal has (partly) black kids, and was married to a black man. A white woman with black kids and a black husband can get a lot of hostility from the white general public - the grandmother in the supermarket who whispers, “You’re nothing but a whore,” the tradesman driving by who shouts, “Niggerlover!” and so on.

One way to put a stop to all this is perm your hair, and smack on an extra coat of tanner. Voila, now you’re a “light skinned black woman”. Now, random passers-by don’t hate you on sight. Now you can be fully welcome in places and groups where your loved ones are not grounds for shunning.

I don’t blame Dolezal at all for how she chooses to identify, any more than I would blame Arnold Schwarzenegger for calling himself a white American and marrying into the Kennedy family.

On average, black Americans are 80% African ancestry and 20% European. This is a mean, individuals often have more or less. Out of the 40 million plus black Americans, there are a couple million who have no African ancestry at all. They’re just as black, in terms of genetics, as Dolezal is.

In the OP’s defense, MANY people in the US see someone that may, kinda, sort of, might be black then automagically assume that we’re jobless, lazy, worthless criminals.

I am somewhat indifferent to her struggles, sorry to hear she’s facing some issues, hope she can get some assistance.

I do however fear for anyone who believes there’s no karmic payback for finding enjoyment in the suffering of others. Shiver

It’s hard not to see the OP as incredibly racially insensitive bordering on racist in the way it equates black people to homeless or unemployed. Seriously, dude - that’s pretty fucked.

I don’t have that high an opinion of the OP. But this thread actually lowered it. Only a racist equates poverty with black people.

I’d actually not considered aldiboronti a racist until now.

You took something we all pretty much agreed was wrong, pretending to be a race you are not. And yet you somehow turned it into something that made you look bad. That’s talent, right there.