Racist restaurant owner gets backlash from Yelp

So there is this restaurant owner who wants his place to be patronized only by straight white Christians.

When word got out, people started writing Yelp reviews, stating what a great place it is for gay cruising! :slight_smile:

Remember: you can’t spell Gary without G, A, and Y.

You have to own your own business to be A-Ok in his eyes? What if I’m just gainfully employed by someone else? :dubious:

Oh, I just noticed a reverse-reverse-trolling review (did I reverse it enough times? I mighta missed one … )

When I hear the name Gary, I mainly think of two things. 1) Gary, Indiana, not exactly a positive association. And 2) these friends of friends.

Does it bother anyone that they are fighting racism, but they are using homophobia to do it?

Well, if stupidity got us into the mess, isn’t it up to stupidity to get us out?

Huh? The restaurant owner in question is both racist and homophobic. The Yelpers (is that a word?) chose to tweak him on the homophobia front.

This is guy is sort of doing people a favor by being loud and proud in his ignorance. It lets people know ahead of time to avoid his business. And can you imagine the uncomfortable situations if folks he hated showed up and then had to sit through a meal while dealing with his crap? Now they don’t even have to waste any money on his place finding out that they don’t want to come back. they can just go to a friendly place right off the bat. I can think of times when I wished I’d known ahead of time what a dick the owner of a business was instead of having to find out the hard way.

I think of Spongebob Squarepants’ pet snail, and the singer/bassist for Rush, whose real name is Gary Lee Weinrib.

All they are doing is giving him free publicity.

DAFUQ? Really? Free publicity for people … to know to never ever go there.

(Unless they’re just reaaaallllly hankering for some of that good ol’ Oklahoma gloryhole goodness, I guess.)

Pretending Gary’s black just doesn’t work as well.

I doubt the local Klansmen spend much time on Yelp.

The Unco Guid always love them some deserved bullying… Odd thing is the targets change, but the bullies remain the same.

So let me see, the Yelp “backlash” reviewers hope to:

  1. Bring in gay customers to the restaurant, to spend money and support his business.

– or

  1. Warn gays not to come to the restaurant, because the guy doesn’t want them there?

– and in either of the above cases,

  1. Provide publicity for the restaurant in mass media and on the internet so that those who agree with the owner can find the restaurant and dine there.
    Excuse me if I see this as win-win-win for the restaurant owner.

I won’t excuse you for ignoring half the analysis.

If the guy pulls his racist act on the wrong set of customers he might find that his dislike of gays and/or minorities increases during his hospital stay. If he makes it to the hospital.

There’s a guy in the small town which I live near who decided to post racist ads from the 1940 and 50s upon his restaurant’s walls. He got into an argument with some Black truck drivers who stopped in and didn’t know what a jerk he was.Unfortunately for him they weren’t intimidated by his act and they proceeded to stomp a mudhole in him.

I hate violence. But sometimes people just won’t keep their opinions to themselves to prevent them from receiving violent, rather than witty, retorts

It’s 2014, everyone’s on the internet. I don’t go to yelp, and I found out about this stupid story.

If the guy is committing any civil rights violations, that’s a matter for the courts. Otherwise he should be ignored with contemptuous disdain. He is on the losing side of history, let him wallow in his own sad ignorance and hate. Don’t give him his undeserved 15 minutes.

The best possible outcome is that gays, blacks and other unwanted people show up, get refused service, and head straight for the local, state, or federal officials who can slam the guy with all the legal problems that civil rights violations can accrue.

It shouldn’t take too many to sue the business out of existence.

Or make his place a laughingstock in his community and people, who don’t want to be seen as racist/homophobic troglodytes, stop going in droves.

Not all publicity is good publicity.