Racist Scholarships

My school had a scholarship assembly the other day (where all the seniors who applied for and got scholarships were recognized). I couldn’t help but notice that many, many scholarships were limited to black people. I thought about all the protests and everything that would go on if there were a scholarship specifically restricted to white people. Any comments?

I have been debating this on the AOL teen boards for a while, but I’m getting tired of the immaturity level.

Also, I really don’t mean to offend anyone with this.

Scholarships created by private endowments may use whatever criteria they deem appropriate to select an awardee. At most schools, there are numerous scholarships set up by ethnic, religious or fraternal organizations. These scholarships are generally used to assist students from that same ethnic, religious or communal group.

Why does this bother you? I have never heard a scholarship awarded by an italian-American or Jewish organization attacked on the grounds that it was racist.

Do you not agree that a “whites only” scholarship would be protested against?

There are scholarships for everything and everybody out there. There are even some scholarships based on heighth alone. If I am independently wealthy and decide to set up a scholarship fund, and in my wisdom, I decide the criteria is “The student must have green eyes and red hair,” nobody can do anything about it.
I don’t think “whites-only” scholarships would be protested against, because they are not ALL whites only. I personally think there is an even playing field.

…And you just go on thinking that.
(Apologies in advance; feeling snarky at such ridiculous assertions.)

If a “whites only” scholarship would not be protested against, why hasn’t there been one set up?

There has. It was called the Rhodes Scholarship. Check your history.

(The point is that most scholarships used to be functionally white-only, and that some, like the Rhodes, were explicitly so.)

From the Rhodes Scholarship FAQ (http://www.rhodesscholar.org/)

Hmm. . .I see no mention of race.

First of all, a lot of scholarships are set up by private organizations and individuals. As such, they can set them up with ANY critteria they wish. Feel free to set up any scholarships you wish with your own money and limit it to those of, say, Icelandic decent.

Second of all, unless you would like me to drag up the statistics that I know are there which show that a) Minority stuudents with similar accomplishments as whiute students do not get in as often to many private institutions and b) Minority students on the whole have a harder time paying for the schools that do accept them than white students, I’d take back the “even the playing field” nonsense.

Evening the playing field is EXACTLY what these kinds of scholarships are trying to do.

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Which is why I said “check your history.” It was established as a white-only scholarship by its benefactor, Cecil Rhodes. It is white-only no longer. You asked “why hasn’t there been one set up?” There has.

I can - I can volunteer to judge the swimsuit portion of the interview process :smiley: YUM!

Now… what about a scholarship for ppl with red eyes and green hair?

Right now I am looking at potential scholarships, and you know what? There literally thousands out there. Are you saying to me that of the thousands of scholarships offered by; private citizens, organizations, schools (academic based, sports and other extracurricular based), businesses (both small and larger corporations), religions, and various others that the majority are for white middle class? That minority students are unable to win scholarships based on race alone? I’m sorry, I don’t buy that.
There are so many various scholarships based on personal characteristics (Height-I can’t over that one-religions, race) that I’m sure if one looks one will find more then enough scholarships.

I didn’t say anything about getting accepted into “private institutions”. I was talking about scholarships alone. And if minority students look, they will find at least one scholarship from the thousands that are offered.

Right now I am looking at potential scholarships**

Since you’re looking at scholarships at the moment, why don’t you compile some of the requirements of some and post them here so we can examine them. It’d be nice to have specific examples to use in debates.

Sometimes, though the scholarship may not state race as factor, there are other reasons that the pool of suitable applicants would tilt towards whites.

“Evening the playing field is EXACTLY what these kinds of scholarships are trying to do.”

and they are doing by basing it on race? What about the poor white people and rich black people? Ah well im sorry your screwed because we actually believe stastics.
For the purposes of scholarships im black because i have a couiple black moles:)

A week or so into my first year of college there was a lunchtime reception for the recipients of the school’s top three academic merit scholarships. A few minutes into the reception I realized that every single one of us there was white. These scholarships were not restricted to white people, but that sure is how it worked out. Since that’s the way it is, I can’t find it in myself to get worked up about scholarships that are restricted to non-whites.

Why do you suppose it was changed, Gad? Maybe because people thought it was racist?

Look, I realize that there are many scholarships that have nothing to do with race. My point is that there are some that are. I also realize that you don’t get a scholarship just because you are African-American, that you have to adhere to academic and other standards. All I’m saying is I don’t understand why scholarships should be restricted by race when we’ve gone to such great lengths as a society to make sure everything else isn’t.

Asked and answered. Scholarships are generally awarded by private foundations. Private foundations are at liberty to set any criterion for eligibility they choose. For the record, I’m quite sure that a federally funded scholarship would not be allowed to use race (or sex, or religion) as a criteria for eligibility.

OK. . .is everyone really saying that you really believe no one would protest if ANY organization (EVEN A PRIVATE ONE) started a scholarship that was limited to white people ONLY???

Ok, warning. this is going to be kinda long. Sorry

THis is a compiled lists of various scholarships. Many of these scholarships are at www.fastweb.com

**The All-Ink.com College Scholarship Program is open to all students. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required.

The Webster’s New World Writing Contest is open to high school juniors or seniors

This scholarship is for college-bound high school seniors in each community where a Wal-Mart store
is located

Bad Religion Rock Band Research Award in Science and Cultural Studies is open to high school and
college students in the United States.

The National Service Scholars Program is open to college-bound high school seniors who have
performed community service for at least one year.

The ThinkQuest Internet Challenge is an international program for students ages 12 through 19 that
encourages them to use the Internet to create Web-based educational tools and materials.

Cal Grant Undergraduate Program are available to California residents who wish to pursue an
undergraduate degree at an accredited California college or university. **

These are six randomly found scholarships that everybody has a chance to win.
When I have more time I will compile a larger list.

Jess said:

It’s been a while since I looked at anything related to undergraduate scholarships, but I can say that the National Science Foundation (a federal agency) does indeed offer graduate fellowships based on race and/or sex as criteria for eligibility. The idea is to encourage advanced study by traditionally underrepresented groups (e.g., racial minorities in general, women in engineering).