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At the end of Radiohead’s music video just, the man lying on the sidewalk speaks but the subtitles go away. What does he say?

Apparently nobody knows what the guy said. Except, of course, the band, the video director, the guy himself, extras in the scene… hmmm, actually I guess a bunch of people know. Anyway, none of them have leaked it out AFAIK. I Googled around for a cite, but couldn’t find one (from the band itself, anyway–I found a bunch of message boards and fan sites that back me up.) I’ve read interviews where they refuse to reveal what the guy said, claiming it would lessing the videos impact.

Of course, a lip reader could figure some of it out, but IIRC the camera is on the back of his head for most of his speech. I imagine he said nothing of real consequence, just “OK guys, remember to lay down when I’m done talking,” or something.

A friend of mine goes out with Radiohead’s tour manager. (appeal to authority)

The whole point is that you don’t know what he says, that is the beauty of the video. What he says is immaterial, is that fact that it causes them to lie in the middle of the road too that is important.

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He says gibberish. Lipreaders have studied it carefully, and he doesn’t say anything.

Of course, he can’t really say anything, can he, otherwise you’d be lying on the floor, too.