don’t know if any one reading this is a fan of the band Radiohead, but they have a video for their song Just. The video is of a man lying down on the sidewalk, someone asks him what’s wrong, and in subtitles the two men have a conversation. But at the end of the video the man lying down says something that ,we the viewers have no idea what is said. But after he says it, everyone who eventually croweded around the man lying down drops to the ground and proceeds to lie there. I was wondering if anyone had any theories as to what you think the man said. I know that Radiohead themeselves will probably never tell. I am just interested in others theories

They sure are firm about that, far as I can tell. I’ve honestly never seen more than a brief clip of the video, but I’ll let you know if I think of anything interesting. Glad to see a thread about the band, though!!!

This may be more on-topic for Cafe Society.

Personally, I think he says “Lie down, we’re making a video and we want it to look mysterious.”

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“This may be more on-topic for Cafe Society.”

Yeah sorry about that, I thought I was in cafe society, I wasn’t paying attention.

My guess is it is a MacGuffin. It’s a great song from a great album, though. Next month, new Radiohead, WOOHOO!

wow thats a really good theory. The rough cut of the album is really good, but its supposedly not the final cut.

Well, in the end, yes, that’s what it is. I’m looking forward to the new one- I’ve heard There There a few times online, but even better, I’m seeing them live in just over two weeks. :smiley:

oh are u going to that festival in NY, with all those kick ass bands? I’m dying to see spiritualized and the polyphonic spree

I think he was telling us what was in that glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

A common misconception. He was actually telling us what was in the trunk of the car in Repo Man.

Am I the only one not impressed with their new video?

no you are not the only one

I’ve seen the video once or twice online (I gave up MTV when I was about 14), so I have nothing to judge by. I think the filming technique - it was shot at 1/3 speed and sped up - is really interesting and gives it a unique look. Some interesting visuals. Whatever.
Anyway, yes. My girlfriend and I will both be at the Field Day thing on Saturday. I have no idea who most of the other bands are, and I think Radiohead is the only one I’m very interested in. But it’ll be the first time seeing them live for both of us, and we’re very excited.

I read awhile back about a reporter interviewing Jonny Greenwood over the phone about this. Greenwood answered by saying:

“He’s saying, ‘You have to BEEP if you want to BEEP,’” the beeps going where he hit a button on the phone to mask what he was saying.

I’m afraid that’s as close as you’re gonna get.

My friends and I discussed this once. We couldn’t come up with a rational explanation. Clearly, it’s meant to be ambiguous.

My contribution: “That cloud looks like Laetitia Casta, naked!”

I like the new video for “There There” quite a lot- it harkens back to the “let’s film a creepy concept” style of older Radiohead videos, including the “Just” video, instead of the abstract images of Kid A and Amnesiac. They did use the same camera technique for the “Knives Out” video, but I think it was better employed for “There There.”

its so nice to see a thread titled “Radiohead”

im going to the fild day festival on june 7th too:D

If you listen close enough you can hear what he said.

But I do not recommend it.

Why, do you end up lying in the street?

How about “You have to lie if you want to live.”