Rahm's Speech Impediment

So, does anyone know how Rahm Emanuel lost his flipping off finger?
Did he just flip off the wrong person one day or what?

He lost it to Lake Michigan:

Ewww, and I’ve been drinking outta that!

The guy slices off his finger and then goes for a swim like nothing’s wrong? That’s kinda bizarre.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

He didn’t slice off his finger, he just cut it. My guess is he probably just put a bandage on it.

Well whaddya know? About a month before the election I was in the Red Line station at Grand/State on a Monday during rush hour and Rahm was there glad handing everyone as they were approaching the turnstyles. I shook his hand and was kinda WTF? afterwards. I realize now what I felt when he gripped my hand was the shortened middle finger coming in contact with my palm. I guessed it was because he had lost the end of it but until now I had forgotten to look it up. Now I know.

If an amputated middle finger is good enough for Star Trek’s Mr. Scott, it’s good enough for our Mayor Elect! Give Rahm a freakin’ break, already!

My guess is that it was a tomato slicer. Those things are vicious and much easier to cut yourself with than a meat slicer. But the meat slicer makes a better story–it sounds lame to lose your finger to a vegetable…

Do they even have vegetables at Arby’s??

In my experience, about 2/3 of the employees.