Rain on a tin roof...and other sounds to delight.

There’s been a bit of thunder and lightning around these parts tonight, and now the rain is bucketing down on my tin roof.

And I swear, there’s no better noise in the world. :slight_smile:

Oh, except a baby giggling, that’s pretty special too.

What are your fave noises??

Rain on a tent is pretty special. A babbling brook is quite soothing as well.

The sound of approaching rain from the hills onto the paddy fileds and the trees and my roof and beyond.

The concert by frogs during and after the rains.

The rain on a galvanised roof is special. I had the pergola built with that roof so I could replicate the sound (all the roofs here are tiled).

Now, if only it would rain.

How funny - so did we at our previous house!

• Thunderstorms, especially when under a tin roof

• The Ocean, waves crashing

• My current lover’s laugh, his singing voice, and his voice when he whispers naughty things in my ear :: shiver ::

• The sound my transmission makes when I back up a long distance.

• The rumble of a big muscle car engine, or a motorcycle, or any race car.

• Kitties purring

• Owls on the prowl at night near my house

• Wind rushing through the palm tree fronds

When I was a young’n my dad had a boat on a marina on Lake Erie. It was a fairly large boat that could sleep six. At night, while lying in the bunk, I could hear a semi-random ding ding ding sound made by the sailboats. I don’t know what actually cause the sound; I think it was something banging on the masts due to the wind. At any rate, it was a great sound to fall asleep to.

Speaking of falling asleep to sounds… I must add:

•Trains. My gramma used to live about 500 yards from a major east-west track, so about ten times a night, you would hear trains passing through. That sound never fails to make me smile and roll over to go back to sleep.

I live nearby two railroad tracks. Coziest sound they is.

:: jealous ::

Snow makes a leather-like creaking noise under skis (and some shoes) that I’ve always liked.

I love the cristalline sound it makes under shoes at -40 below or so.
Another train sound lover here.

To stand right next to the wall at Daytona or some superspeedway and hear the group of cars approach, pass and fade off in the distance;

There’s a “Lovers Leap” at the canyon entrance to a mountain cabin. When you sit out there you can hear the sound of the wind through many thousands of pine trees, the stream below as it winds it’s way around boulders and over waterfalls, the kids in far cabins as they explore, the cry of a hawk or eagle above and the squeak of inquisitive chipmunks. I’ll sit for hours with no consideration of leaving.

I love to travel, so…
The "CHURRRP’ sound of the tires of a passenger plane touching down. Another safe arrival.

The “Fluckafluckaflucka” sound the departure or arrival board in the airport departure lounge makes as the destinations and times of flights are rapidly changed.

The cry of “Booorrrd!” followed by the slamming of aluminum doors as an Amtrak train begins to pull out of the station.

The many varied sounds a big steam locomotive makes as it begins to move, and for those who have never heard a steam locomotive strutting its stuff…you have my sympathies.

You can have some of mine Cicero.…I’m pretty much over it now, the garden is 3" deep and the tanks are full. That fickle bitch La Nina can piss right off now. :rolleyes:

I love the sound of a fire with some damp wood in it. So relaxing.

The hiss as natural gas (or whatever) escapes from coal as it burns on the grate. Church bells in the distance. People speaking in half-heard voices under my window early in the morning.

The slurping sound made by the first spoonful of trifle.

These are all wonderful.

For me, it is the sound of professional work men at work in my home or yard, busy reparing or beautifying something. I even love the sound of electrical hedge trimmers and heavy duty drills then.

And the sound of my electric kettle hissing. Means there is boiling water ready for a nice cuppa tea.