Rainbow Gathering '05: Who's Coming?

:: Dances to the sound of bongo drums ::

The Rainbow Family is having their big Gathering in West Virginia this year. The Gathering doesn’t officially start until July 1, but already over 1,400 people have shown up at Cranberry Glade Botanical Area to celebrate nature, peace, love, and all things hippie. Over 10,000 hippies are expected to show up to enjoy the free vegetarian food, play acoustic guitars, and partake of live theater and Yoga Camp. Nudity may be involved.

:: Dons love beads ::

Me and Agent Foxtrot are planning to spend two days there, and camp out for a night. We’ll probably bring friends. Is anyone else going, or interested in attending? We haven’t picked a night, but July 4 is the big mass prayer for world peace day. We might could give an interested MADoper a lift there and back.

:: Flashes peace sign ::

Peace out.

I got no beef against the Rainbow Gathering (I don’t even know what it is), but the idea of thousands of people descending on the Cranberry Glades alarms me.

It’s an extremely delicate ecosystem, very rare that far south (if not unique). Please tell folks to tread lightly, leave no trace, stay on the trails/boardwalks, and for God’s sake’s, don’t litter!
Other than that, it sounds like a lot of fun!


The Rainbow Family is a loose collection of hippies, tree-huggers, anarchists, and other interesting types. One of my Americorps teammates was a Rainbow Kid, she traveled the Southwest under the name of “Jade”, living in holes dug out of the ground, and doing lots of 'shrooms.

This’ll be my first Rainbow Gathering. I’ve already chosen my hippie name – “Sage”. For the purple flowers. I talked to Agent Foxtrot about his hippie name, I think he’s tentatively decided on “Blue”.

For what it’s worth, Cranberry Glades wasn’t the Rainbow Kids’ first choice. They were all set for Elkins, but were driven off by the Forest Service. It has always been Rainbow policy to have the Gathering on public land, so they asked the FS for an alternative. The FS suggested Cranberry Glades, so that’s where they went.

Sorry folks, the above post is mine. The hazards of two Dopers with one computer.