Rally Squirrel?

What became of the rally squirrel from the Indians-Yankees game last night?

Were they able to get him off the field? Was he signed to a multi-year deal?

From what I heard, once he moved out of the infield, they resumed play. The local broadcasters were mentioning after the conclusion of the game that he was still in the outfield.

What else? MLB is trying to make money off the squirrel (by charging for a download of the video):

I saw some of it as it happened, on the YES Network. I knew the Red Sox were comfortably ahead in the 6th (but then again, what Red Sox lead is comfortable?) and since I was bored of the Olympics, I flipped on the Yankee game for a bit. I didn’t see the squirrel thing start, and it didn’t seem to be interfering too much with the action on the field. I was only half paying attention and I didn’t see the end of the game.