Ralph124c and NewRalph124c

Mods: I know speculating publicly about a user’s relationship with the Board is frowned upon, but this case seems like a reasonable exception. If not I’m sure I’ll hear about it.
A few months ago some folks noticed that **Ralph124c **hadn’t been seen since Jan 2014. Several people nervously speculated on his health and wished him well in absentia. I happened to check his profile for any recent action just a couple of weeks ago and found none.

A few days ago NewRalph124c appeared on the scene.

Today I see posts which a few days ago had been attributed to **NewRalph124c **are now attributed to Ralph124c. I conclude the original **Ralph124c **is back.

Welcome back!! We missed you. We’re glad you’re healthy. Or at least I’m glad. Others will have to speak for themselves.

He now carries the title Registered User. Not sure I wanna know what he’s been up to during his absence if he has to register.:confused:

Registered - user.

Somebody gots some splaining to do here.

It just means that he’s using the register. Just as my title indicates I’m membing the charter.

Moderator Note

As some of you have noticed, we’re having a few problems with Ralph124c’s account. We hope to have it all sorted out soon.

He has not done anything wrong.

Since he is currently unable to post and therefore can’t reply to anything said here, i am going to close this.

Thread closed.