Ran across an odd website

Probably not weird enough for Weird Earl’s, but I mean jeez:


Is there really a market out there for antique milk bottles and bottle caps? One of them’s selling for $125!

Anyone wanna share their favorite websites that sell something oddly specific?

A quart bottle from A&P recently sold on eBay for $103.51.

Why is it odd?

Having a gallbladder collection is odd.

Why is it odd?

Have a Gold Bladder collection is odd.

You answered your own question.

Why wouldn’t there be? It’s no more silly than collecting anything else.

The more obscure an item is to collect, the more of a challenge it is to locate and fill your collection, which is a large part of the fun. Milk bottles aren’t commonly collected, hence they’re fun to hunt for.

I take it you’ve not heard of the Mutter Museum?

I guess a lot of them go to the middle east. There are a lot of milk sheiks.

Well it was largely rhetorical anyway.

But I still answered it. Do I get points?