Take a look at this EBay listing

Yeah, I know you’ve all seen the Ghost in the Bottle before, but this guy adds a new twist:

Finally, some truth in advertising. For a buck (currently) you can get your very own genuine Certificate of Fakery. :smiley:

Where do these guys come from? And how does he have 100% positive feedback? The mind boggles.

Well, I looked at some of his/her prior sales and the comments from satisfied customers, so maybe this ghost bottle is the seller’s experiment or funthingtodo. I am often amazed at what people are willing to pay on ebay junk. I know a couple of people who were “taken” but didn’t do anything about it. :confused:

Okay, how many people checked this thread just to make sure it wasn’t any of your junk being put in the limelight? :smiley:

Guilty as charged, Ashkicker