Rand Rover: Ass

You sneer at everyone having a difficult time finding work. You tell them their troubles are a result of decisions they’ve made. It seems that choosing to be a tax-attorney is the ultimate - any lessor worker should be blamed for not choosing to be a tax attorney.

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That’s the beauty of made-up occupations, they’re really tough to lose.

No comment.

I think he’s made if fairly clear that he strongly objects to what he believes is the political slant of the majority of members to this board, so his only interest in posting is to protest that fact as frequently as he can. If he can also piss some people off while doing it, that’s a bonus for him.

I likewise think that if he actually believes his little “your unemployment situation is purely your own fault” messages as any kind of serious assistance, then he is perhaps one of the more socially maladapted persons I’ve ever run across. If he interacts with people in real life the way he does here, then he is practically the character played by Jack Nicholson in “As Good as it Gets” come to life.

I also feel that monomaniacs of this type probably aren’t worth even wasting as much time over as it took me to write this post (approx. 4.5 minutes).

I thought that there wasn’t much competition for the village idiot post.

But they don’t know that! :smiley:

Well, why don’t they? They could pick themselves up, get some education, and eventually aspire to message board moron!

There is a veritable smorgasbord of his posts to choose from. Why limit yourself to just that one?

I truly believe that the number one thing on his to-do list every day is “Be an ass.” I have yet to read one post of his where he actually contributes something to the boards.

Well they could, if they weren’t so damned lazy.

If only we had a Mr. Fusion, we could retire the hamsters.

Under the Kindler Gentler SDMB Rules, it appears permissible to troll or to stalk, but not to insult other members nor to criticize the rules. Therefore I will draw no conclusions about whether any person, including the Pittee of this thread, may have actually done so, or express my opinions as to whether this is a desirable state of affairs.

So he apparently has had no window of opportunity.

He is sort of a pane.

And he’s a tax attorney. He’s basically a social lamprey, feeding off the blood of people who actually work for a living. What a model citizen.

:eyes tdn

That’s quite enough of your vitreous humor.

If so, then he’s one in such demand that he can spend his days on the Dope.

And calls it 'hard work".
Yeah, OK, whatever.

This hasn’t been proven to my satisfaction. I do believe he works for the Taxation-Industrial Complex somehow, in the same sense that the guy who sanitizes bedpans has a “career in medicine.”

Well, presumably these people are hiring him, so that they will not have to pay as much in taxes/get audited. Thus he providing them with a valuable service, despite the fact that it is “made-up”.

The IRS agents are the lampreys feeding off of civilization. :wink:

Vox Imperatoris

Yeah, this guy really is quite the fucking asshole. Did you see his response in Quartz’s thread today?

Quartz mentioned that he applied for a job and there were 2000 applicants for two positions. He lamented this situation, and asked how one was supposed to succeed against that much competition.

It was largely a rhetorical question, yet our resident fucknugget felt the need to make the ever so useful reply: