Randi fans and detractors - who are the more virulently obsessed?

So you can bring this comment into the GD thread but I get a “final warning” (I’d like to know where my first warning was) when I make a follow-up comment on it? Fucking prick.

I didn’t make this comment over in Great Debates-I created a fucking link to this comment that I made in The BBQ Pit in what turned out to be a vain attempt to steer this hijacking to the proper thread in the proper forum. Then you reposted the whole fucking post back in Great Debates, just so you could get in a final shot at Peter Morris, knowing full well he had already been told not to post on the subject in that thread.
Fucking clueless twit.

What the hell did you post the for then, dickhead? You could’ve said, I dunno, “Don’t say anything else about Peter Morris in this thread, take it to the pit”? I was using your comment to elaborate on a comment I had previously made in that thread and - I might add - received no warning for.

The link. What the hell did you post the link for

Could you guys calm down?

The thing I have to point out to the mods is that the mods in my pit thread to him did a good job of convincing me Peter Morris was not a Troll then, but his actions in the GD thread are convincing me that I did call it correctly back then.

He started it.

No, Peter Morris did, (Focus, focus), but then I have to say he was goaded a little.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Peter Morris is a troll. I think he is clinically obsessed with James Randi and needs professional care.

IIRC that is also a good reason why someone needs to be suspended or banned, whereas is a condition or trolling, I do not think he is being helped by allowing him to continue to post here.

I may add that just like Protagoras, we should not forget that PM is looking for profit. Keeping the charade going allows him to continue to link to his for profit site.

:dubious: For profit site? That changes things.

Well, no, he can and does post on non-Randi topics - he just can’t be trusted in Randi threads to contribute anything other than his cemented opinion. Like other posters who’ve become inextricably associated with one particular issue, he’s stuck being a punchline and easily-provoked chew-toy. I suppose the mods could protect him by warning other users away from the most obvious baiting, but his only lasting remedy is a self-imposed moratorium.

I make no comment on that. However, given your opinion, wouldn’t it be more consistent with your opinion to just let it go and stop answering back?

No, why?

Is there some sort of point in debating with someone who is, you say, clinically obsessed?

No less than anyone else. Maybe more if it helps them on the road to recovery.

Personally I would like to simply see a restraining order put on Peter in regards to threads dealing with James Randi. But I suspect that doing so would be too much work for the mods, so instead he will be banned (because we’re all James Randi accomplices.)

At the risk of hijacking this thread too …

This clearly demonstrates why the whole thing is moot, Randi is far to polarising a character to be able to run the Million Dollar challenge anymore. The best he can do it step aside and let someone else run it. Or better let some else start a new one with no ties to him.

With regards to PM and the Randi threads, you do know that if you all just stop responding to his fucking posts it’d make it ten times better. That thread wouldn’t have been the wreck it is if everyone had just ignored the off-topic ranting from the get go.


The need to respond to Peter Morris is similar to the need to try and save an ailling dog. You just feel too sorry for him, and keep hoping that you could get him to see the light and get on with his life.

At the moment, I very much fear that one day he will try to assassinate James Randi, and then kill himself. It’s about the only outcome I can see coming out of this. (Or, alternately, James Randi dying of natural causes, and then Peter Morris commiting suicide.)

It’s ironic that this comment which would have been perfectly on topic in the GD thread, you have posted in here, where it’s a hijack :wink: